05 August 2010

International Breastfeeding Week

This week I had the privilege to be a guest blogger at ‘Celebrating International Breastfeeding Week, Joyful Mama Style,’ writing on Nutrition for the Breastfeeding Mother!

I met Joyful Mama through her youngest sister, who happened to be my Babysitter a few years ago!  The younger sister would babysit my children when Christo and I went on our coffee dates and helped the older children put Above Rubies magazines in envelopes.  She was only 19 years old, but loved the Above Rubies magazine and asked me if she could have a few, to give to her sisters - they were four girls!  
A few months later the oldest sister - Joyful Mama, got married and within months she was pregnant!  Through the Above Rubies magazine we become friends and I just love this young woman who is bursting with joy in her roll as a wife and the mother of Sweatpea and Arrow Boy - so far!

With love


Joyfulmama said...

Thank you for the beautiful words, my dear friend! And thanks again for the guest post - your expertise on the subject really added value to the selection of articles I published this week. Have a blessed weekend with your precious family! Lots of love.

Linnie said...

The pleasure was mine, Joyful Mama!
Have a blessed weekend too!

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