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I grew up on a farm and due to the isolation, my number one pastime was reading.  Every Friday afternoon my mother would go into town for weekly supplies. We would stop at the library to get our supply of books for the weekend, just before we went home!  At that stage I was a teenager and read fiction only.  
After marrying Christo, he challenged me to read more factual books.  I was reluctant and settled for Christian fiction.  Then 11 years ago I started homeschooling my oldest son and devoured any book on the topic of homeschooling.  As my homeschooling journey developed and my family grew, I desperately needed material on being a Godly wife and mother.  The Lord amazingly provided me with life changing material on these topics.  So much so, that I seldom read fiction now days.  Maybe once a year on our annual vacation!

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During the years I educated myself through books specifically written by Christian writers from ministries I’m in one mind with.  

Books that Influenced my Homeschooling

Gate-Keeper of the Home by Nancy Campbell

One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp

Managers of Their Chores by Teri Maxwell

Baking by James Peterson

Visionary Womanhood Gathering e-book by Natalie Klejwa
With love
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