01 April 2013

Children - Ours for only a Short Period of Time

In our family there is not one dull moment, and Mom and Dad just have to hold on too stay on board.

Two weeks ago we planted our Easter Garden

This year we changed our Easter Garden a little and sowed wheat, instead of planting small plants. 

With great excitement the first sprouts were observed

And within a few days it was growing us out of the house!

In the mean time CJ became involved in another movie shoot, as stunt rider and he will be on and off set for about 6 weeks.  He has to leave home at 5am in the morning and only come home after 9pm at night. This morning he left at 2am! I thought my time of rising for him at night was over! :-)
Obviously he is enjoying this experience tremendiously, but his siblings (and parents) are missing him big time. 

As we approached Easter we had much fun dressing up for the last supper.

In the months leading up to Easter we did the whole history of Moses. How God showed His great power to Pharaoh, the Egyptians and the Israelites. After God showed the Egyptians His power, He passed over His people and freed them from slavery in Egypt. In the light of this, Easter was so much more real for the children.

On Wednesday evening we had our Last Supper meal as a family.

On Thursday morning I accompanied Heidi-Mari and Danika to a Lindt Chocolate Decorating Class. It was Danika's first real Lindt Chocolate workshop and she enjoyed every moment.

On Saturday, Christo and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary!  We got married over Easter weekend, so this was such a special anniversary, being on a Saturday and Easter weekend again.

On Sunday we had a fun afternoon, changing the living room into a chocolate studio and with all the children doing chocolate decorating! 

Heidi-Mari and Danika finished decorating their chocolate creations of Thursday at the Lindt Chocolate Studio.

 I got two extra chocolate creations for the boys to decorate.

CJ, Daniel and Michael worked together.

Josua, Andrew and David worked together.

They had so much fun decorating with the modelling chocolate! It was the first time Heidi-Mari and I made modelling chocolate.

So much detail

The finished products:
Michael, CJ and Daniel's

Josua, Andrew and David's



And Daddy had a ball playing photographer!

With CJ growing up so quickly, the previous weekend not at home, but on set, we realised yet again, our children are only ours to have with us at home for a very short period of time. Soon they will all be adults, changing the World for God's glory. 
This was a blessed memory making week, on which we will ponder for years to come!

With much love

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