22 January 2011

Free to Ask!

Nelba from Cantus, tagged me! 

I could ask her any 10 (or less) questions and she had to answer them.  It was great fun, as well as interesting! 
Those of you who can read and understand Afrikaans, pop over to her blog and read all the questions she got and the answers she gave!
Now I have to tag 5 people.  You can ask me 10 or less questions and I have to answer them. Then you must tag 5 people, (if you don’t have 5 people to tag, don’t let that keep you from playing along) who must ask you 10 or less questions!
I’m looking forward to your questions!
I Tag:
Sonja from ‘n Sagte Landingsplek
Mignon from Freedom Mothering
Donette from The Journey
Esther from Huis Tuis Skool
Nelba, although you already got tagged, you may ask me a few questions too.
With love


Mignon said...

1. How did you and Christ meet?
..... I'll go and sleep on the other nine :-)

Linnie said...

Hi Mignon
Thank you for playing along! Do you mean Christ, my Savior or Christo?

nelba said...

Thanks for playing along! I have a few questions I'd love to ask if I may:
1. Do you find that your previous career stand you in good stead in your current career as mom and helpmeet?

2. Can you remember when you first heard about homeschooling and what your gut feel about it was?

3. Have you read The Shack and what do you think about it?

4. What stands out from your memories of your childhood?

5. Brothers/sisters?

6. As a child, what was your role in the family structure? E.g. were you the peacemaker or the clown or the responsible one?

7. What is your favourite way of relaxing?

8. Do you have a relatively strict routine within your family or do you take things as they come?

9. Your favourite verse from Scripture? Why?

10. Does one colour dominate amongst your clothes or do you wear them all?

Mignon said...

I meant Christo! :-)

Sonja said...

Dit is lekker pret en moeilik! Wow!
Laat my dink......

Linnie,as jy soos Salamo die geleentheid kon kry om vir iets wonderlik te vra,wat sou jy gekies het?

As jy n talent kon kies wat sou jy gekies het?

As jy aan jou kinders se opvoeding dink,watter waarde is vir jou die belangrikste wat jy graag wil he hulle moet nakom?

As jy nou die geleentheid en die mag gegun word om een nuwe wet vir ons land te maak en een oue af te skaf, wat sal dit wees?

Watter plek op aarde is vir jou die mooiste en as jy kon kies waar sou jy graag wou bly?

Wat is jou gunsteling tydverdryf?

As jy een wens kon wens om een dromm waar te laat word vir jou self-persoonlik,wat sou dit wees?

Joyfulmama said...

Oh goodie! You should have known that I would NOT pass up on this opportunity to glean some wisdom from one of my favourite godly women! I know of a few other ladies who read your blog and would appreciate it very much if I ask you some questions about homeschooling, so a few of them will be about that:

1. Which core curriculum do you use and why?
2. What are your favourite phonics and maths programs?
3. How do you keep your little ones entertained while you are busy with the older ones?
4. If you could go to tea with a famous person, who would it be and why?
5. What is your best advice with regard to toddler discipline?
6. What is the nicest compliment anyone has ever paid you?
7. WHEN DO YOU DO YOUR GROCERY SHOPPING, and manage things like going to the post office / dentist / municipality??(Seriously, Linnie, I have been wanting to ask you this for ages!)
8. What is your favourite thing about motherhood?
9. What makes you smile?
10. It has been more than a year since we've had a cup of tea together - do you think we could maybe fit one in before December 2011? Would love to see you soon!!

Donette said...

Did you always know you would have such a large family?

Donette said...

Was it part of your nature to have a gentle and quiet spirit? or is this something you needed to work on

Donette said...

What is your proudest moment as a parent - or are they too many :)

Linnie said...

Mignon, Grietjie and Donette, I haven't forgot about your questions!
I'm working on them!
Thank you all for playing along!

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