18 March 2010

Breastfeeding Part II

I thought it was just too easy - the adapting to our eighth baby! He almost never cried, except for the first five days, before we knew his neck was misaligned.

After we took him to our family chiropractor for three treatments, he was so content and a very happy baby. He would feed every 2 hours and slept almost all the time.  When he was awake he would just follow me with his big eyes where ever I go. He would cry when he had a dirty nappy and after I’ve changed it he would fuzz until I gave him the breast and then fell asleep again! 
But then we hit Tuesday! It was like a bump in a smooth road and totally unexpected! He started by being fuzzy, then it turned into crying and he just didn’t want to sleep, except in my arms and then he would be very restless.  He wanted to be on my breast 24 hours a day and was clearly overfed and had reflux all the time!  That continued for Tuesday night and Wednesday too.  By Wednesday evening I was exhausted and discouraged!  What happened to my content baby?  Could it be the heatwave we experienced?
And then on Wednesday night he just fell asleep and only fed once. It was no surprise when I woke up on Thursday morning so refreshed. Half way through the day I realized, I got my sweet baby back!  It was only then that it struck me - Michael was crying due to an aching tummy because his mommy ate the wrong food during her birthday!  On Monday morning I had a baked cheese cake. Monday evening Christo took me out for dinner and I had creamed butternut soup, pasta with cream and apple crumble pudding.  Since he didn’t complain during Monday or Monday night, I thought it didn’t affect him, but it certainly did, only a few hours later.

I’m not new to colic babies.  I remember the hours CJ would cry when we went for family dinners during his first few weeks.  Heidi-Mari was even worse.  Not only would she cry 24 hours a day, due to an aching tummy, but her whole body was covered in eczema. At one stage the pus came out of her red body due to me having diary products over a festive season! It was during this time that this Dietitian (me) learned the hard way. It wasn’t only coffee and alcohol which entered breast milk (as I was taught), but everything we eat will be excreted into the breast milk and eventually affect baby.  They are so sensitive to ‘wrong food’.
With Josua we were much more alert on the food I ate, and over the past few years we learned more and more with every baby.  It was only after our sixth baby (David) that we really understood the diet for a breastfeeding mother.  I believe if we didn’t learn with every baby and avoided more and more of the wrong foods, all my babies would have been colic babies and I most probably wouldn’t have had eight children! 

A word of warning: Your pediatrician, clinic sister, dietitian (trust me on this!) and for that matter your mother in law, will tell you the food you eat has NO effect on your baby - except coffee, alcohol and maybe chocolates! I can show you living proof that certain foods, especially fast foods and microwaved food, DO affect your baby!
So what do I avoid during the first three months of a newborn baby?  There are so many foods to avoid, it is easier for me to tell you what I’m allowed to eat, but I will still try.
I avoid all wheat. Even ‘organic wheat’.  Organic wheat is still altered and now contains 21 genes in comparison to the original 7 genes of the God-made-wheat and thus the body doesn’t have the enzymes to digest it correctly. We bake our own bread from Spelt. 
The next big no-no is, diary products.  That includes milk, cream, cheese, cottage cheese, yoghurt, etc. butter is ok.
Food containing MSG make babies cry for hours!  That means there are no soup powders, aromat or tin food in my kitchen cupboards.  
Sugar is also a stumbling block on your way to an easy baby!  Sugar is a mind-altering-drug and will make your baby more irritable. Be especially careful of breakfast cereals. During the first six months of a new baby I also avoid honey in my food.  I’ve noticed it caused blocked noses and colic with some babies. 

How does one know if there are wheat, diary, MSG or sugar in food?  You start by reading the food labels!
The next thing we’ve noticed is the effect of pesticides and chemical treatment in fresh fruit and vegetables on Newborn babies.  We currently only eat organic fruit and vegetables. 

If you are in the Western Cape Peninsula you can look into the Ethical Co-op for organic fruit and vegetables.  Now you may ask, what if you don’t have access to organic fruit and vegetables or cannot afford it? We only have access to organic fruit for the past 4 months. 
Before this, I just avoided fruit during the first 3 to 6 months of my new baby and only ate certain vegetables.
For fruit, I’ll have an organic apple, pear or peach.  I avoid banana (as it causes constipation and mucus in babies) and citrus fruit.  I’m careful of prunes, watermelon, grapes, strawberries, pawpaw and mango.

For vegetables, I stay safe with butternut, sweet potato and squash.  From all other vegetables, especially the onion family, cabbage family, beans and peas I stay away.
For starch I only eat rice and stay away from potatoes. We make our own pasta with spelt flour (recipe below).
For protein I have eggs, lamb, mince (I make sure it is medium fat beef mince and contains nothing else than beef) and chicken.  NO pork, beacon or any sausage. We buy all our meat products (lamb, chicken, mince, 'boerewors' - sausage, fillet) from the Boesmanland and they are totally organic!
I also avoid any commercial mayonnaise, chutney, soya sauce, tomato puree, tomato paste or tomato sauce.

I also avoid any teas, especially rooibos tea!  Rooibos tea causes the intercellular cellular fluids to become very acidic, which caused me to take longer to recover from labour.  Typical symptoms from being acidic is an aching body.
I only have one or two organic, decaf cappuccino's, made with rice milk and a little brown sugar a week.
The golden rule is to prepare your food from scratch and throw out your microwave.  You can read about microwave cooking here.
We also follow the blood group diet of Dr. Peter D’Adamo  The blood group diet doesn’t only benefit your baby, it has the benefit of you getting back in shape in no time!  I’m an O-blood type and eat meat with breakfast, lunch and supper.  I eat butter and certainly don’t avoid fat.  But I do avoid sugar!  Contrary to what you may have been told or believe, it isn’t fat that make you fat, it is sugar and too much fruit!  Michael is one month old and I’m only 3 kg from what I weighed before I fell pregnant.  And that has been the case with every baby.
So what do I eat?

I eat as simple as possible, no fast foods, only food prepared from scratch in my kitchen.  This way I know exactly what is in every meal.
I bake our own bread with spelt flour, an ancient wheat imported from Europe.  It isn’t genetically modified and is grown organic.  I have a Panasonic bread machine, which makes baking bread no big deal.  
For salt I only use sea salt or Himalayan salt.
We love pasta and we make our own with spelt in the Kenwood Chef with the pasta accessories.
Whenever we need milk, we use rice milk powder.
2 baked eggs and spelt bread.
scrambled eggs (seasoned only with rice milk and sea salt) and spelt bread.
an egg omelet (egg, salt and water) with left over mince from supper and spelt bread
Carrot juice (made by Heidi-Mari) in our Oscar Juicer.

I eat only St. Dalfourd’s apricot jam on my spelt toast.
I avoid any form of sausage and beacon with breakfast.

We always try to have left over food from the previous night’s supper for lunch.
Spelt bread with chicken fillets (Sortie free range chicken fillets in a little butter, then add some water and cook with sea salt and 1 -2 fresh, organic tomatoes and basil and thyme from my vegetable garden.)
Spelt bread with thin slices left over leg of lamb (see recipe under supper).
Spelt bread with cooked egg.

Always prepared from scratch!
Leg of lamb and rice cooked with sea salt. (Cover leg of lamb with fresh tomato puree, basil and thyme - from your own vegetable garden or organic if possible and sea salt. Pour some water in bottom of oven pan, cover with foil. Bake for 3 hours at 180 degree C. Take foil off and bake until brown and crispy)
Lamb ‘tjops’ on rice cooked with sea salt (Put lamb ‘tjops’ in oven pan, pour some water in bottom of oven pan, cover with foil and bake for 1 hour at 180 degree C.  Take foil off after 1 hour, season with sea salt and bake for another 30 min. or until brown and crispy)
Mince on spelt pasta, with white sauce. (Mince - sortie in little butter.  Add sea salt, fresh tomato puree, basil, thyme and rosemary and cook for about 20 minutes; Spelt pasta - enough for our family of 9 - 600g spelt flour, 4 beaten eggs, 5ml salt. Mix together for 1min on medium speed in Kenwood Mixer. Make pasta of choice with Kenwood accessories; ) 
White sauce made with 70g butter, 60g spelt, 10ml sea salt, 1l rice milk. 
Chicken fillet burger. (Sortie free range chicken fillets in a little butter, add some water and cook with sea salt and 1 -2 fresh tomatoes; Spelt buns - dough made in Panasonic bread machine on Pizza method, shape round buns, put in oven - not pre-heated at 180 degrees C until light brown.)

For vegetables:
Butternut cubes in oven pan with butter and salt, baked at 180 degree C until soft and tender.
Squash cooked only in salt water, add butter cube after cooked.
Sweet potato baked in oven at 180 degree C.
Fresh carrot and pineapple salad (made by Josua with our Oscar juicer)
Fresh green salad (made by Heidi-Mari), lettuce, tomatoes and avocado - all organic, from our vegetable garden, except for avocado.
What supplements am I taking to ensure ENOUGH milk for my baby? 
(We all know a mother who was advised by a clinic nurse or Mother in Law to give her baby extra bottle feeding, due to her ‘weak’ milk or insufficient milk. 
I drink 3-4 liter of filter water (NOT reverse-osmosis water or Distilled water) a day with 2 Coral Calcium sachets and 25 drops of Concentrace (I’m prone to restless legs and Concentrace is total cure).

After breakfast I drink:
two Coral 8 capsules (for extra Calcium and Vitamin D);
two Omega SLO capsules (Strengthening your breast milk and building block of ALL the hormones and EVERY cell);
one Activ 8 capsules(Anti-oxidant);
two Mindsets (Gives me Brain Food for the day)
As you can see, there isn’t a great variety in my diet and it does get boring after a month, but coping with a fuzzy or colic baby, during the day, and even worse, at night, isn’t easy at all.  It all depends on how desperate you are to have a content baby! 
That is exactly why I got a fuzzy baby after my birthday.  I was so good in eating nothing wrong from Michael’s first day, that I didn’t give the possibility of Michael being allergic and even colic, one thought! He was just so content!  
So, when I got the opportunity of eating out on my birthday, I just ordered what I was used to when I didn’t have a newborn baby!  And I faced the consequences, not to mention the tummy ache my sweet baby had for almost two days!

Now I’m fanatical to eat right and avoid any possible food that can cause Michael dis-ease.  He is worth it, to sacrifice a large variety diet!


Petra said...

On breastfeeding on one breast at a time (2hour intervals) I can just comment that it saves your breasts from bursting and becoming overly sensitive as well. With my last two babies I did not even use any creams, just the breast milk and baby's own spit was enough to feed the skin.

Sleeping with baby - the best thing I ever did! My first 3 children also only had short breastfeeding lives, but the last 2 went/is going great.

{Linnie, those lamb chops and leg of lamb sounds delicious, ridiculously expensive here! Beef and chicken is our staple food from the meat section.}

And yes, cutting out certain foods definitely has benefits, though I obviously did not cut out enough! Always learning...

Huisvrou said...

Onthou ek die tyd van rys, vleis, aartappel en wortels met soms 'n bietjie pampoen vir afwisseling!

Daai eerste keer, sus is in Desember gebore en ek vrek oor waatlemoen - KATASTROFE......

AutumnVine said...

Sjoe, dis baie wat jy moes leer oor kos. En ek kan net God dankie sĂȘ dat ek dit dan tog baie maklik gehad het. Dis net suiwelprodukte wat ons negatief beinvloed. Ek het na maande se gesukkel met my sinusse besluit om weer sojamelk te drink.

Petra said...

Typical! I realised the other day I said 2 hours, should have been 3 hourly! Slight sleep-deprivation due to teething could have been a cause. And that's why some nights I don't even change over, just keep going on one side!

JanetK said...

Beste Linnie

Ek het lank terug hierdie blog gelees, maar het dit nou weer SO waardeer. My amper 10 maande Ilani slaap so sleg en het skielik ekseem. Ek het nou besluit om die opoffering van al die verkeerde kossoorte te maak sodat ons lekker slaap in die aand. Het gewonder wat veroorsaak die ekseem! Het gister baie piesang mousse (wat ek aanmaak met melk) geeet, so dit verduidelik dit! Ek het al rysmelk geproe - dis baie lekker, so ek moet net weer daarvan koop.

Dankie vir jou resepte en jare se bestudeering van hierdie onderwerp!!! Dit help BAIE!

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