19 October 2009

Principles I Live By

Sonja taged me to describe the principles I live by.

I like to think of the principles, as beliefs I’m living by. Many times a day I fall by at least one of these beliefs, but the love, grace and faithfulness of God is new every day.
  1. I am a Bible believing Christian - I believe in the creation of the universe in six 24 hour days and I believe the Bible just as it is - literally, as well as spiritually;

  2. I believe the Word of God is my highest authority and allow God to use it for my reproof, correction and instruction in righteousness;

  3. I question everything in life, test everything according to the Word of God, pray for His wisdom and as a result do almost everything different to the modern norm;

  4. I believe I was created to be Christo's greatest gift from God, his Helper, therefore I arrange my life under his authority and try to do everything as he likes it to be done and how he wants it to do be done;

  5. I believe I was created in the mother image of God, physically and emotionally equipped to nurture and mother all the children God wanted to bless me with and arrange my life accordingly;

  6. I believe God bought me at a price and therefore I surrender everything, especially my womb, to Him and thus allow him to give me as many children as He wants to;

  7. I believe my body is the temple of God and therefore I look after it as best as I can, giving it all the healthy food it needs and don't abuse it with bad habits, modern day chemical drugs and fast food;

  8. I believe we live in the end times and God needs a Godly army to defeat the evil plans of Satan. My roll is to bear sons and daughters for the Lord, train them up in His truth with strength, so they will not fear when Satan come against them;

  9. believe God needs men and women of influence in society to turn people to the Lord, and therefore teach my children life skills, so they can be used by the Lord in any position He needs them;

  10. I believe God expects me to train the children He gave me, in His ways and to protect them from the influences of the world, to disciple them until they are strong in the Lord, to be able to choose correctly between good and evil;

  11. believe God gave me talents, gifts and the knowledge to teach my children and I therefore home school them;

  12. I believe there is a calling on my life, and I have to walk in that calling, giving God glory and fulfil my purpose in live. If I miss my calling, my live was mostly in vain and I may have harmed the Kingdom of God;

  13. I believe in a life God will reward in heaven and that I will be judged and rewarded according to my works here on earth;

  14. I believe the structured church is not far behind the world in their belief system and actions and therefore belong to a community of believers that chooses to believe and live life according to the Bible;

  15. I believe that Jesus Christ is the son of Father God and that the only way to the Father is through accepting Jesus’ sacrificial death in my place for all sins I committed or may commit. The price He paid was enough and I believe that I was saved by the grace of God for a life of good work, for the glory of God the Father.
I now have to pass on this assignment.

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Sonja said...

Linnie dit is n goeie mondvol!Ek Stem 100% saam met elkeeen van jou waardes!Mag daar nog nog vele ander opstaan en deur jou inspirasie volgens elke woord leef wat jy hier geskryf het!

Petra said...

Wow! This is a mouthful - can't I just say ditto (except for the Christo part of course!)? We are moving at the end of this month - I'll see if I can put something together before then, but it might take a little time, I have never before thought about my life and calling so systematically. Keep an eye on our Different Journey blog. . .

Linnie said...

Hi Petra,
I'll pray that everything went smoothly while preparing to move again! Don't push yourself in completing the assignment. I think it is always good to think/rethink one's life and calling and put it on paper to keep you accountable before God and yourself. So please take your time! We shall watch out for the posting.
Blessing my friend and lots of love

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