08 October 2009

Two Clear Round Rosettes for Josua!

On Sunday Josua participated in his second horse jumping show. Oh, he was looking forward to this for weeks and then he became nervous and stressed out!

We are used to CJ's calm-nothing-worries-me attitude during competitions - very much like Christo. But Josua has a completely different personality, very much like me.

I remember the days when I participated in piano exams. Eish! It was a nightmare every time; I worried, feared the worst, stressed and very often had a negative experience. I can see some (OK, a lot) of these emotions in Josua, but praise the Lord, he has Christo as dad, for some balance. Calm and composed he guided Josua through the competition and with brother CJ by his side, it was such a positive event and an opportunity for Josua to mature in his personality.

Josua participated in the 40cm jump and the 50cm fancy-dress jump.

CJ was beside Josua all the way. He helped him to mount his horse - Helmut and he walked Helmut before the show, so he wouldn’t be too ‘fresh’ on the course and start to run.

and he led Josua and Helmut, twice through the course!

Poor CJ was exhausted, running next to Helmut and went over all eight jumps (twice) with Josua and Helmut! That’s besides the other two times he led inexperienced or first jumpers! Thank you CJ!

Great was the joy, when they had clear rounds in both jumps and he got his first two rosettes for clear rounds!

He also received a 4th place-rosette in the Fancy-dress competition for being dressed like Zorro. Helmut didn’t mind Josua wearing the black cloak (something Josua feared may upset Helmut). By the way, it was Helmut’s first show ever…

What a joyful day for my son! He has so much confidence now; he is already planning his next jumping show!


Petra said...

Well done Josua! I love the cape! !

Huisvrou said...

Mooi Josua!!! Jinne jy is gese├źnd met 'n wonderlik ouboet jong.
Linnie baie geluk - weer eens - met jou pragtige kinders. Genade ek weet, maar nog steeds.

Linnie said...

Thank you Petra!
Dankie Huisvrou!

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