05 March 2010

Weather Lapbooks!

I discovered that I haven’t blogged about our Weather Lapbooks yet!  I wanted to put everything on our Homeschool SA website and just put up a link, but we lost all our website information on the computer (a PC not a MAC!) while updating it a few weeks ago!  CJ is currently busy giving the website a total new look, while he is trying to recover most of his data from the internet.  Please be patient with us and keep a look out for the new HomeschoolSA website! (He published the new website last night!)
I will give a quick overview of our Weather lapbooks.

Heidi-Mari and Josua did a more advanced Weather Lapbook than Danika, Andrew and David.  

Heidi-Mari and Josua studied the water cycle, clouds and build a weather station.

The Water Cycle;
Interesting facts about clouds;
Building the weather station
By studying the clouds and reading the barometric pressure (part of their weather station) they become quite experienced and are now able to predict weather patterns fairly accurate!  
Particular clouds are formed at different heights, and are classified accordingly.  They used Tab books to classify the different clouds and gave a brief description on each cloud in each classification.  
Most of the information for this lapbook we got from Weather Wiz Kids.
Danika, Andrew and David had great fun doing their Weather lapbooks.

They learned a  lot about the water cycle through Drippy.  

We concentrated on rain (through Drippy’s story To the Mountains and Back!

and snow (Through Drippy’s story The land of Snow and Ice).  

All the ideas for our crafts we got from  First-School.ws


AutumnVine said...

Baie oulik en die kleintjies lyk so trots! Lyk na 'n goeie idee alhoewel ek eers oorweeg om een oor vulkane te maak en Mount Everest. Het jy geweet die ossewaens het met tonnels onder deur daardie berg gegaan. Geen stryery van my kant af kan enigsins Simeon van sy idee af kry nie. Berge is mos te steil en het te veel rotse.

Sonja said...

Dit is n pragtige lapbook! Ek dink ons moet dit ook een of ander tyd hierdie jaar maak,dit lyk so leersaam en interessant!

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