20 September 2011

Visionary Womanhood Gathering e-book Review and A Giveaway!

I didn’t grow up in a family with many little ones, neither did Christo.  So after Danika, was born, I really hit the bottom of a well!  I bit off far more than I could handle. But I guess, having four children under 10 and homeschooling them, while I had no reference or help to turn too, is the perfect setup for a human being to cry out to God for His Devine Help.  When Danika on top of everything develop whooping cough at 6 months, God had my undivided attention.  
The first book God miraculously sent my way (Internet was still in it’s baby shoes, I couldn’t even search the net), was a book by Sally Clarckson, The Mission of Motherhood.  I couldn’t stop reading, I read it over and over again, and God set me out on a journey of Motherhood I never could dream to embark on.  For 18 months I devoured the one book after the other about Motherhood and God renewed my mind.
It was during a very cold winter holiday that God gave me the vision to share, what he taught me over the past year, with fellow Mothers in my ‘circle of friends’. For three years a group of ladies gathered at my house once a month and we shared the vision of Biblical Womanhood and Motherhood over the Fellowship of a meal.  We had such special times together and the Spirit of the Lord moved in mighty ways!  
By the end of 2007 I had two more babies, 16 months apart, I was pregnant again and had to stop. I believed these ladies were now strong and secure in their visionary motherhood and would not depart from the journey we embarked on together.  Sadly, at least half of these women chose the easier way after a year or two. Their Visionary Motherhood was under so much attack by the World and without the active support of other Visionary Mothers they gave way to the pressure of worldly views and belief systems.   
What is Vision?
The Webster Dictionary define Vision, beyond other definitions as, “Especially, that which is seen otherwise than by the ordinary sight, or the rational eye.”
God wants us to ‘see’ beyond the ordinary, far from the ordinary view of the World, even the church!  He want us to have His vision for our marriage, our children and our position in the community.  
Where there is no vision there is no hope, but where there is vision there is purpose!  We need to have Vision and we need to support each other in this Vision!  
With Vision we can bank on what God says and reap the benefits of a wise and sober way of life.
Or we can be without Vision, and slowly but surely become more like the world around us, sadly reaping the consequences that come along with adopting the world’s foolish ways of thinking and living.
How can we spur on the Vision of God and share the Vision, supporting each other in the Vision? 
I’m so glad you are asking!

With great joy I’m introducing you to the Visionary Womanhood Gathering e-book, launched this week by Natalie Klejwa from Visionary Womanhood.
In Part One of the Visionary Womanhood Gathering e-book you will be prompted to search for Vision. You will be able to call out with the Psalmist, “Open my eyes that I may behold wondrous things out of Your law.” Psalm 11:18. God wants you to see all of life from the highest perspective of all - His perspective! With His Vision you will experience joy and hope in homemaking, help-meeting, and mothering.
In this past week I read of a friend on facebook how they are waiting in anticipation for the Lord to bless them with another child, their 5th child.  How sad to read one after the other negative reactions, on this friend’s status.  I couldn’t help to ask, where are families with a Godly Vision?  Families who view children from His perspective.  Families who are courageous enough to challenge worldly views and beliefs and follow God and His Plans for their future, and enjoy life in abundance! By the way this friend of mine is one of the most joyful Mothers I know!
In the Visionary Womanhood Gathering e-book, Natalie explain the concept of Visionary Gatherings once a month!  
Just as I experienced with my group, years ago, it is inevitable that without each others’ support, we tend to drift toward a smooth and fast flowing current that looks like fun… so easy! 
We need beloved friends who will grab our fins and yank us back out into wide open waters of freedom where we can realize all that God created us to be! 
We need to be reminded God is sovereign, Scripture is sufficient and we need one another to keep God’s truths in front of us at all times.
In Part Two of the Visionary Womanhood Gathering e-book all the components of such a gathering is given to you!  Prayer, Websites on possible Teachings, and a very appealing component to me, Visionary book challenges and discussions!
Now you may switch off, because you haven’t organized a gathering ever before!  But please keep reading. In Part Three this book gives you everything you need to start a group of your own!
The starting steps; The planning, with time schedule and responsibilities of volunteers; A Two-Year Teaching & Book Challenge Plan; even a Visionary Womanhood Purpose Statement and Sample monthly e-mail communication form!
This e-book will enlarge your Vision on Godly Womanhood and gives you everything you need to share this Vision with people God will send your way. God wants you to share the Vision!
Now, for the exciting part:
  • The ebook is $4.99… BUT for five days only (September 19-23) anyone can get it for only $2.99 if they enter the code: Launchweek at checkout.
  • Everyone can get the first chapter FREE if they go here and share a tweet or a Facebook status.  In addition, on that page they can read some reviews about the book, meet Natalie of Visionary Womanhood on video, and purchase the book.
BUT the Best Part:
  • I have ONE FREE ebook as a giveaway on my blog!  Now, you may want to buy the Visionary Womanhood Gathering e-book for the special launch prize, but what if you are the winner of the giveaway on my blog?  Please feel free to purchase the book at the special launch prize. If you are the winner on my blog, Natalie will refund you your money! How great is that? Or you may want to give one to a friend.
To enter the Visionary Womanhood Gatherings e-book giveaway on my blog:
Go leave a comment on the Visionary Womanhood blog and come back to my blog telling me you left a comment on her blog, or e-mail me. That is it.  With the help of one of my little ones, I will choose a winner on Saturday 24th of September 12h00 GMT + 2.
May you be inspired like me, by investing in the Visionary Womanhood Gathering e-book.
Buy the Visionary Womanhood Gathering e-book now, by clicking on this link:

With love


Nikki Olivier said...

I'd like to enter the giveaway, Linnie. I've also been eyeing out Sally Clarkson's Mission & Ministry of Motherhood books-think it's time I buy them!

Mignon said...

Linnie, if you did not have these encouraging evenings at you home, 4years ago, of which I only attended your last two... I would have still had that great aching gaping hole in my heart. I thank you from the bottom of my heart my friend for obediently sharing God's vision!

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