30 April 2012

Hello Mornings Summer (No Winter) Challenge and a Live Chat Party!

In December 2011, I wrote how in September 2011 I embarked on a very challenging journey with thousands of women over the world with Maximize Your Mornings by Kat, from Inspired to Action.  As many of you have read, it changed my life!

In my No More Sloppy Mornings posting, I challenged women in South Africa to join me for the Hello Mornings Challenge which started in January 2012.  The reaction was overwhelming. Forty ladies contacted me and joined me on the Hello Mornings Challenge. Over the past few months I learned some more South African ladies joined other groups over the world too.

The Hello Mornings Challenge ended the 14th of April, BUT there are more challenges for this year.  The Summer (Winter for South Africa) Hello Mornings Challenge will start the 14th of May and run to the 8th of July.  Many ladies indicated that they will continue with this challenge and have friends who either already joined the current Hello Mornings Challenge Facebook groups or want to join the groups.  We have two groups, an Afrikaans group and an English group.

But this in only part of what I actually want to share with you!  On Wednesday morning (2nd of May), at 3am (Yes! I know it is the middle of the night, but how exciting is that!) there is a Hello Mornings SpreeCast Live Party! Now if you are like me, you always feel you are missing out on exciting talks and gatherings of great Women over the World, since we are at the total opposite side of the world than America, where all the exciting meetings takes place. This is your chance to connect with an amazing group of women right where you are, in your living room or study and you don't even need to dress up!  

What is the SpreeCast Live Chat all about? 
Will I be able to do it with limited technology?
I'm, so glad you ask!  

You need a computer with speakers and internet connection, and you need to register before hand. That's it!  I joined the first SpreeCast a few weeks ago. It was so much fun, I hardly slept that night, I was to afraid I would oversleep. I set my computer up, with earphones, the night before and more than double checked the time difference to make sure I joined in at the right time. At 2:30am I woke up and by 2:45 as was ready to join. I could clearly hear our four guest speakers through my earphones and could see them talking from their studies/living rooms. Interaction from guests is possible by typing questions and comments. So if any of you are reluctant to join this SpreeCast Live Chat Party, please relax and go register now!

During this SpreeCast Party there will be LOADS of prizes and just after the Party, registration for the Summer (NO Winter) Hello Mornings Challenge will open.

So why don't you join me for this Live Chat, in the early hours of Wednesday the 2nd of May?  I'm surely not going to miss out on this opportunity to meet the Hello Mornings Team. You will hear the exciting plans for the Summer (No Winter) and Fall (No Spring) challenges and go back to sleep one hour later encouraged and uplifted to be part of a huge group of women all over the world, who keeps one another accountable as we work to develop the life giving morning habit of waking up early, spending time with God and being intentional about planning our days and exercising regularly!

Come please join me!

Much Love

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