15 April 2012

Another Lindt Chocolate Course

On Wednesday Heidi-Mari and I did another chocolate course at the Lindt Chocolate Studio in Cape TownHere I wrote about our first course on Chocolate decorations and how it triggered an inner evaluation in me of myself. 

Wednesday’s course was on how to make Hand Made Truffles.  

We made all kinds of delicate ganaches (with Lindt’s amazing recipes), 

learned how to use a piping bag like a pro 

and played with our hands in chocolate, coconut flakes and icing sugar, 

while decorating the truffles.

A chocolate truffle is the name given to a ball of soft, velvety smooth and sumptuously rich to taste combination of chocolate, butter and/or cream (called a “ganache”), covered with chocolate and rolled into a coating, such as cocoa powder, nuts or icing sugar. But the most interesting piece of information was where the name truffle originates from. I didn’t have a clue. The name comes from the resemblance to the edible fungi known as a truffle, a delicacy found underground on or near the roots of trees. 

I went and ‘googled’ underground truffle. “Often called the diamond of the culinary world, a truffle is a rare, edible mushroom that is considered to be a delicacy due to its intense aroma and characteristic flavor. They have a firm texture and are most often shaven on top of food before serving, although they can also be used to infuse flavor into dishes.” Well, this was so interesting. It just seems like you can learn so much through chocolate!

And this is what makes me so excited about home schooling! Experiencing real life situations of learning, in a bubble of love and support of parental interest and guidance.  

The blessing of doing chocolate courses, bake in the kitchen, doing scrapbooking and making cards with my daughter is more than I could comprehend.  It keeps us together; make me keep track with her emotions, struggles, hopes and dreams; kindle her trust; allowing me to speak into her life, without being pushy.
Without these common grounds, I most propably would not able to share in the fruitful harvest of my daughter’s teenage season. 

What is your children’s interests? If you’re not sharing one right now, pray and seek the Lord to show you and send opportunities your way, to nurture those interests. He is faithful to show you a way!

With love

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Karyn said...

Lovely, Linnie! You have reminded me how important it is to spend time with our children in whatever their interests are - especially our daughters! lots of love, Karyn

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