04 April 2009

The Joy of Older Children!

On the evening of our wedding anniversary CJ, Heidi-Mari and our babysitter (just for adult supervision) looked after the little ones while Christo and I went out for a romantic dinner at the Hildebrand restaurant at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. What a blessing to just enjoy my Beloved's company, while having excellent service and delicious food.

We left at 17h30 and when we arrived home at 21h00 this was what we found:

Sweet little Daniel fast asleep in front of the Ergo with his 'second mother' - Heidi-Mari. Daniel doesn't have a bottle (not one of my babies ever drank out of a bottle, only the breast and then a cup) and he is used to going to bed at night on my breast. But, no problem on this evening, when the breast was not available. Heidi-Mari can look after him just as well as I. She fed him fruit and water, out of a cup and when it was time to go to bed, she just put him in the ergo and he fell asleep.

Meanwhile CJ put David (2 years) and Andrew (3 ½ years) in bed, and not even one of them missed their mommy and daddy!

What a blessing to have a big family with responsible older brothers and sisters.

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Huisvrou said...

Heidi-Marie - pragtig pop!!
wat 'n wonderlike voorreg...

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