24 June 2009

Another First Price for CJ!

On Tuesday the 16th of June, CJ took part in his third Cross Country Horse Riding Event in Stellenbosch. Here I wrote about his second Cross Country Horse Riding Event in which he achieved his first, First Place. This time he won again, but not without a spiritual battle!

On the Monday night before the event, CJ and Christo were trying to practically find the answer to the 9th Science Question of the Week Competition. In this question they needed to work out the minimum force a painter will need, to pull himself, with a single pulley and rope, to the top of a building. They constructed a system with a pulley, rope, piece of wood to sit on and a scale. First they tried it with Josua since he was smaller, but they couldn’t get an accurate answer. Then they put CJ on the piece of wood. First mistake: CJ wore socks. Since his legs were too long when he sat and the garage roof not high enough, he had to stand on the piece of wood. Everything went well, they even got a hint of the answer, BUT, then he slipped on the piece of wood and landed on his back. He would have been OK, if he didn’t let go of the other end of the rope (the second mistake). After he hit the floor (letting go of the other end of the rope) the piece of wood swung back and hit him on his head, where he was still trying to get up from his unfortunate landing!

Heidi-Mari and I were busy with the final touches of supper, Daniel was playing at our feet and Josua and Danika were bathing David and Andrew. The garage is next to the kitchen and we just heard the noise as CJ fell. I was uncomfortable with the ‘experiment’ from the start and, ran to see what happened. I was just in time to see the piece of wood hitting him on the head! CJ was groaning and his hand was covering his head and blood ran through his fingers, down his fore head. I was in total shock and could not think straight. Christo had trained the children extremely well in how to handle an emergency situation. Within seconds Heidi-Mari was next to Christo and CJ with the first aid kit.

It was only then that I realized they needed my help and I pulled myself together. Heidi-Mari started giving CJ Rescue and Injura drops and we slowly moved him to the bathroom. We had to stop the blood running out of the 2cm long cut just inside his hair line. It was a clear cut and with some maizena powder, Wercesin Grace & Weeping wound powder and Silvermax we managed to stop the blood quickly. But then it seemed like CJ had concussion of the brain. He was nauseas and complained of terrible stomach ache. We gave him some sugar water (we now have glucose syrup for shock) and let him lay down on our bed. Christo also put some Traumeel S ointment on the wound.

At this stage I was convinced he would not be able to compete at the Cross Country Event and told them so. Christo started to check his pupils and told me he was fine, but I was not convinced…

Very early in our parenting years, the Lord taught me a lot on submission to my husband, through The Biblical Portrait of a Marriage. Submission was especially hard for me when it was concerning one of my children, but I learnt to trust the Lord. This was one of those moments. I knew I had to trust the Lord with my Son.

By bedtime I could see CJ was exhausted and it was definitely a serious injury and I was still not convinced that he was fine and able to take part in the Cross Country Event. On top of it, it rained the whole night. I was awake a few times during the night for baby Daniel, and every time I could hear rain coming down in buckets. Not just a nice drizzle.

Sometime during the night I started crying out to the Lord! Lord, my son needs your protective Hand when he got onto Silverball. I was not sure that he was fine from the head injury and the course was going to be very, very wet and slippery. Please Lord stop the rain and keep my child save, was my prayer. At some point I got peace and could sleep for a few hours.

When morning come, CJ needed to be at Camelot at 06:00, it was still raining and Christo declared CJ fit to go. Since it was still raining and very cold, only Josua went with Dad to support CJ and they left at 08h00. I was still a little worried, but I knew I could trust my Heavenly Father.

The rest of the morning I kept myself busy with cleaning the house, taking care of the little ones and praying all the time. By 9h00 the rain stopped and within 30minutes there was a clear, blue sky and a warming sun. In my spirit I experienced an expectation and I just knew the Lord was about to do something big.

Needless to say I was overjoyed when the SMS came through at 12h00 with the message, CJ got 1st Place!

For the rest of the day I was pondering on the greatness of the Lord, praising Him for His faithfulness and also wondering how different the day could have been if I didn’t cry out to the Lord in the early hours of the morning, to protect my son and change the weather. I once read, The prayer of a Mother for her Child is powerful!

This also reminded me of Nancy Campbell’s teaching Gate-Keepers of the Home. Mothers are Prayer Worriers. The enemy is always looking out for ways to rob, kill and destroy in our homes and our lives. We as mothers need to guard our homes and the lives of our husband and children. We are in a war and dear mother, never turn away from the battle, except victorious!

I would like to share with you a part of Nancy’s teaching, from Gate-Keeper of the Home:

Proverbs 8:34, "Blessed is the man (or woman) who listens to me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors."

I have always loved unique gates and doors. When visiting Israel on a number of occasions I was captivated by its gates. I have pictures of all the gates of Jerusalem in my photo album.

In Bible times the gates of the city were more than an entrance way. They were the busiest place in the city. They were a hub of activity. It was here that the elders sat to rule and direct the affairs of the city. It was here the judges and officers judged the daily matters of the people. It was at the gates the soldiers stood sentinel to guard and protect the city. It was here the people gathered to hear the prophets proclaim the Word of the Lord. Just inside the gates the markets flourished.

But where were the women? They were not in the city gates. They stood sentinel at the gates of their home, watching and guarding against any intrusion of the enemy. They used their God-given authority as mothers to direct the affairs of their home. The men were the city gate-keepers but the women were the home gate-keepers. This is still God's principle for us today. As mothers, we are to be gate-builders, gate-guarders, gate-protectors and gate-repairers.

In the book of Nehemiah it tells us how Nehemiah heard that Jerusalem was in ruins - the walls were broken down and the gates were burned with fire. He was devastated. He prayed and fasted and God opened up the way for him to go back to his city and help rebuild the walls and gates. In Nehemiah chapter three it mentions all the gates that they repaired. There are only eight gates in the walls of the old city of Jerusalem today but in Nehemiah's day there were twelve gates, just as there are twelve gates in the heavenly Jerusalem. (Revelation 21:10-13, 21)

As we look at these gates in Nehemiah chapter three, we will relate them to our home. Will you check with me to see if these gates are in good repair? Or could they do with a little repairing?

Nehemiah 4:14, "Do not be afraid of them, Remember the Lord, great and awesome, and fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your houses."

The eighth gate, was the:

THE HORSE GATE (Nehemiah 3:28)

The horse gate was the gate through which the soldiers marched out to battle and returned from battle. In the Word of God the horse always speaks of war and battle. Read the magnificent picture of the battle horse in Job 39:19-25. It is imperative that we keep our horse gate continually reinforced and repaired. We are in a war! We are in a battle against the enemy who seeks to creep into our homes with his subtle deceptions and evil connivings. He is the one who comes to "rob, kill and destroy" and his greatest joy is to destroy our marriage and family life. We cannot sit down. We must stand up and guard our homes.

John's revelation of the heavenly city reveals that the twelve gates of the heavenly city are "guarded by twelve angels." (Revelation 21:10-13,21) Wow, if each gate of our heavenly home is guarded, surely we need to guard the gates of our earthly home.

There are two aspects to motherhood. Firstly, motherhood is tender, caring, loving, comforting and nurturing. As we pour out these beautiful virtues to our family, we reveal the picture of God's maternal heart which He has divinely placed within us. There is nothing more beautiful to behold than a mother tenderly nurturing her children.

However, there is another side to motherhood. It is the war-like, watch-dog, lion-like, horse-prancing spirit that roars at any enemy that would come to devour her marriage or her children! This woman is ready to fight. And she will fight hard to protect her family. She will not give up until the enemy is demolished. When God told the Israelites to fight their enemies, He told them to "drive out. destroy. dispossess. and desolate." (Numbers 33:52-53) We should have this same vocabulary.

Balaam prophesied God's purpose for His people, the Israelites. "These people rise up like a lioness: like a majestic lion they stand. They refuse to rest until they have feasted on prey, drinking the blood of the slaughtered." (Numbers 23:24 NLT) We, as a child of God, and especially as a mother, should have the same anointed attitude against any attack against our marriage or family. We should see the enemy as a foe to be defeated and utterly routed. God calls His people "My battle axe and weapons of war." (Jeremiah 51:20) We are sweet and gentle in our mothering, but a battle axe against the enemy.

God describes the bride in Song of Solomon 6:4 and10 as "terrible as an army with banners." Other translations use the words, "formidable, awesome, frightening, majestic, utterly captivating and awe-inspiring! My husband says, "Don't mess with this woman!" What an awe-inspiring sight to see an army of soldiers on horses, banners waving high in the air, marching home in victory. The people in the city wait to see this sight and how they cheer as the soldiers march through the horse gate in victory.

Are you standing sentinel at your horse gate? Are your banners waving high? Or is the enemy laughing in your face because he has grabbed them from you? Don't stay groveling in the dust. Come on, dear mother, get up again! You are the guardian of your home. Fight. Regain your banners. Hold high the banners of love, truth, righteousness, purity, faithfulness and commitment in your home. Banners are to wave high, not drag on the ground. Just as the men guard the city gates, God has placed you on duty at your home gate.



"Lord, please help me to be sweet, tender and loving as I care for my family each day. But also help me to rise up and fight every evil force that attacks my home. Help me to roar like a lioness at my enemies, just as you roar at your enemies. Save me from lagging in the fight. Thank you that in the powerful, authoritative name of Jesus, I have power over all the power of the enemy. Amen."


I am a banner holder and I will not let go my banners!

By Nancy Campbell

On Tuesday evening, CJ submitted his answer to the Science Question. He got the answer right and was one of only four teens in the world to get this one right!
OK, I supposed not every one is willing to pay the prize of a head wound to get the right answer!

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