21 September 2009

Our Creation Lapbooks

It feels like ages since I blogged something on our lapbooks.

The little ones, Danika (6years), Andrew (4years) and David (almost 3years) finished these Creation Lapbooks. I got some of the ideas from Lapbooklessons.com.

We first did a mini book on the 7 days of creation, to give them the big picture of creation. Available from Lapbooklessons.com

To enforce what was created on each day, we individually illustrated every day of the 7 days of Creation.
I like to use as many art mediums as possible, so we played with paint, coloring, stickers and tissue paper. When I woke up at night for Daniel or our unborn baby, I let my imagination go, to make it as interesting and creative as possible, for the little ones.

For Day One, separating light from darkness, I let them dress paper dolls with day clothes and pajamas and we stuck it on white paper to illustrate the day and black paper to illustrate the night. We talked about taking off our pajamas when we woke up and dressed for the day. When night comes, we put on our pajamas and it is time to sleep.

For Day Two, gathering the waters, we used cotton wool to illustrate the clouds. For the seas I made finger paint and let them draw patterns with a stick in the paint. Danika practiced the wave pattern on her finger paint. This was David’s attempt.

For Day Three, the trees and its fruit and grass, we rolled small pieces of colored tissue paper balls and stuck them to a template of a tree, with fruit, flowers and grass.

For Day Four, creation of the sun, moon and stars, we stuck stickers to a half circle to illustrate the firmament of the heavens.

For Day Five, water creatures and winged birds, we drew birds and fish with crayons and painted over it with diluted water paint, so the crayon picture stands out from the paint. It is very important to use VERY diluted water paint and only make a single brush stroke over the crayon picture.

To illustrate Day Six, creation of earthly creatures and man, I let them stick animal stickers on a template of a field with trees and I let them colour in a picture from Adam and Ave.

For the Seventh Day, they coloured in a pillow, to illustrate God rest.

These activities enforced God’s creation. They can still recite what was created on what day and I pray that this will lay the foundation for them to always remember God created everything in six days and that they will never buy into the lie of evolution!


A Joyful Chaos said...

Enjoyed seeing these lapbooks. Thanks for sharing.

Kelly-Anne Gray said...

Wow, Linnie, those look stunning! And I'm sure your littlies must have had a ball putting that together! Well done! Hazel

Linnie said...

Welcome on my blog, A Joyful Chaos. Thank you for taking the time to comment, I appreciate it!
I quickly had a look on your blog. Wow! I'm going to read every posting - can't wait! Have a joyful day!

Linnie said...

Hi Hazel, thank you!
Praying for you this week, dear friend!
Lots of love

Petra said...

The lapbooks look great! Well done you 3 + mom.

Linnie said...

Thank you, my Friend!

AutumnVine said...

Linnie, baie mooi. Ek het na daardie een gekyk en sal dit nog later doen. Dis nou inspirasie om te sien hoe dit kan lyk.

Linnie said...

Bly dit gee jou die groot prentjie. Dankie vir die inloer op my blog en tyd om kommentaar te lewer.

Kelly-Anne Gray said...

Oh! What adorable lapbooks!

Linnie said...

Thank you Kelly-Anne!

Lisa said...

I just found your blog while looking for a creation lapbook. I saw the one on lapbook lessons, but your photos really fleshed it out for me! Thanks!

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