28 January 2010

Pain is Your Friend!

I could be in labour!

My contractions became stronger over the night and this morning I had a show.  This was the pattern with all my previous labours. The contractions are still some time apart, but I observed something the Lord has done in me, over this past few weeks which is very encouraging! 

During the last few weeks, I became more and more afraid of labour every time I had an hour or two of strong contractions.  So much so, that I was so afraid of the pain, that I actually couldn’t think beyond the pain to holding my new baby!  Then, for a few days I didn’t have any contractions.  Then last night as the contractions become stronger I remembered something my first midwife told me years ago.  I actually didn’t remember it myself, Christo reminded me of her words when I was so afraid of the pain, a few weeks ago. But at that stage I was still too afraid to appreciate his words. Ingrid told us:  “Pain is your Friend.  Every painful contraction brings you nearer to holding your baby!”

Last night it hit me again, and I embraced her words.  I am now looking forward to every strong (painful) contraction.  I can actually visualize how every contraction is pushing my baby down, ready to be born!  

Isn’t the Lord amazing?  I’ve prayed for weeks that He would ease the pain and help me through it, since I was so afraid!  And God is faithful! He answers prayers!  I’m not afraid of the pain anymore!  I’ve made peace with the pain.  With every painful contraction I’m nearer to holding my baby!

Oh how am I looking forward to meet my baby!  
What will baby be...?
What will baby look like...?
What will baby smell like...?
How will baby feel in my arms...?


Nella said...

Sterkte vriendin! Ek dink aan jou!


Huisvrou said...

Sterkte. Môre wéét jy ... en het jy reeds vergeet!

Geniet die absolute wondervreugde!

Charmaine T said...

Ek kyk elke oggend, middag en aand na jou blog om te weet of baba al daar is..... Ek dink ek sien net so baie soos julle uit na die koms!!!!!

Sterkte vriendin.... Ek bid vir almal van julle en die ogewonde tyd!!!!

Petra said...

Thank you for sharing this very personal experiences with us!

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