28 October 2010

A Great Work!

Sometime ago I stumbled upon a link to an article on Christian Birth Control Options. The article was written by a Pastor and he summarized the various options that a Christian couple has to consider regarding birth control, distinguishing between no birth control, contraception, and abortion. With five levels of birth control in between, ranging from no birth control to abortion.  
Without going into the detail of his five levels of birth control, I was shocked about the pastor's way of justifying the different kinds of birth control (not from the Bible) and his clear antagonism to people who choose No Birth Control as their “family planning” and how these people are legalistic!  
The most shocking however, was his advice on the use of the birth control pill - level 4 - Potentially Abortive Birth Control

He pointed out that one of the three ways the pill prevent contraception is by thinning and shriveling the lining of the uterus so that it is unable or less able to facilitate the implantation of the newly fertilized egg, thus making it a “potential” abortive birth control. But that being said, he didn’t take a stand against the pill. No, he advised Christian marriage couples to “prayerfully” consider the use of the pill and take an informed decision according to their own conscience and the leading of God the Holy Spirit. By implication, Christian marriage couples may use the birth control pill (that causes abortion) if they felt lead to do so by the Holy Spirit! 

His next level of birth control is level 5 - Abortive Murder.  I quote: "the taking of a human life through the killing of a fertilized egg.  Biblically, it is also known as the sin of murder."

Something is wrong with this picture!  In just the above paragraph he pointed out the birth control pill is potentially abortive, I quote: “it seeks to disrupt the ongoing life of a fertilized egg” but he only advice Christian marriage couples to “prayerfully consider” the use of it, God the Holy Spirit might even allow them to use it...while in the next paragraph he calls killing of a fertilized egg, murder!
I couldn’t help but remember 2 Tim 4:3 “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears.” 
I realized how the church bought into the practices of the world, compromising Biblical truths, afraid to offend their followers. The moment we take a stand for Biblical truth we are accused of having no grace and love!  I once read:  The truth will always offend, but is never offensive!  Jesus’ truths offended many! The Biblical truth does offend (the sin in) people!
I got involved in a debate on the blog where I found the link, pointing out Biblical evidence against the use of different birth control methods for Christians and got only opposing replies. While being in the debate, I (again) reevaluated what I believe, why I believe it and my motivations behind my arguments. I also discussed them with Christo, since I never write /comment on a topic concerning Bible truths without his input/approval.
While being in my self evaluation, Christo shared with me one of Dr. John C. Maxwell’s teachings he receives monthly,  on leadership.  This teaching was on “A Great Work”.  There couldn’t have been better timing for me to listen to this  CD. 
What is a Great Work? 

When Mother Theresa wanted to start orphanages in India years ago, her superiors asked her how she would know the work she would do in India is a great work? She answered: “When I can give food, clothes and hold ONE child, it is a great work!” 

A Great work isn’t changing or saving the world, it is making a difference! Even if it is only one by one.
A great work will always have a pull on you and the scars received while doing your great work will never leave you feeling inferior, because it is scars attained in the battle.
Urging women and parents to return to Biblical principles and opposing lies, believed by women and parents, is my great work.  It has a pull on me that I can’t explain to anyone. I know I’m opening myself for scars, but I’m willing to take the chance - the chance to make a difference in one woman’s life, while in the battle!
I believe by opposing the lies on birth control, I can make a difference.  I believe God called Christians to “Be Fruitful and Multiply in their marriage and raise Godly offspring for His glory”, leaving everything up to God and God alone, leaning not on their own understanding, but trusting God!

I want to make a difference for one child! One child who will enter the world, that would most probably not have done so as a result of the lies of Satan to limit family size and ultimately God’s End Time Army! I want one child to give God glory, living out the purpose God had for that child since the foundation of the earth - bringing people to know God, defeating the dark works of Satan, through his/her life!
I do know God’s walk  with every person is at a different level of faith and understanding, but I cannot and will not be silent.  This might just be God’s timing for that person to remove his/her blindness and see the truth!
And this is the motivation behind my blog and everything I am. I will not compromise, I will speak the truth, living a great life, doing a great work, called and enabled by God and God alone!
With sincere love


Petra said...

May God strengthen you in this calling, Linnie. Miss you much!

Anonymous said...

Amen to that!
Thank you Linnie for being uncompromising!
I recently had a conversation with a friend where she said "and we know the pill doesn't cause abortions..." I was surprised and said "Yes, it does!"
Her turn to be surprised, then she said she needs the medical facts as she's a dentist...
so I lent her the book from Cristo's HShop about the pill.
She came back 2 weeks later and said her and her husband had decided to stop taking the pill! Wonderful!
Thanks for the encouragement to stand strong against the scars from those who verbally and strongly disagree!

Linnie said...

Thank you my dear friend - Petra! Miss you too, so thankful for technology!
Have a blessed weekend!

Linnie said...

Wow Karyn! Thank you for sharing - praise the Lord for that couple's change in direction!

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