27 February 2011

Satan’s Biggest Threat!

People still don’t understand why we choose, to gave our family planning over to God!  

I thought by now, pregnant with #9 it wouldn’t be an issue or a puzzle anymore, but quite the contrary.  From different sides I’m hearing the objections and ridicule of people, friends and brothers and sisters in Christ.
As I was sitting next to my 2 and 4year old, to put them to sleep for their afternoon nap. I looked at their sweet faces, and the question came to mind: Why would anyone not want such a sweet little one?  All mothers love and adore their children, they cannot imagine a life without their precious children, yet they don’t want more.

And that is fine with me! Living in the 21st Century, every woman have rights and she can choose and control her own walk of life. But that is not where it ends! People seem to find it impossible to stop criticizing families who choose to have more than the average amount of children!   
God implanted motherhood into each woman and we just cannot ignore it!  Wanting to nurture something, a baby or even a pet if it can’t be a baby, is natural to every single woman on the face of the earth. 

A few days ago while I visited with friends in a coffee shop, the sound of an almost newborn baby’s cry made everyone stop midway in their conversations to see where the precious little voice was coming from! As all eyes laid hold of the tiny baby in her mother’s arms, every single woman’s face glowed with a softness, in adoration for the mother and her baby!
The same day, a few hours later, I was in a queue at a local store with my five well behaved little ones (7years and under).  Everyone was intrigued by their behavior, until one lady couldn’t resist the question any longer and asked me if all five were my children.  On my ‘Yes’, everyone was listening. Even more, when she asked if I was ‘finished’ now. When I mentioned my 10 week pregnancy, the whole atmosphere changed before my eyes!  It was almost like a demonic manifestation and I was the centre of attack!  One after the other derogatory comment was thrown in my direction and the eyes which was filled with approval only seconds ago, glared down on me with disapproval and disgust! 
What made this happen?  

Why on earth, would people react in anger and antagonism towards a total stranger in the local store, who mentioned she is expecting her 9th baby?  Would they react with such criticism if I had my shopping chart filled with ten to twenty pounds of butter, asking me if I knew how dangerous it was for my health?  Would they also have given me disapproving glances if I wore a low cut t-shirt and high-cut shorts, asking me if I didn’t have something ‘more appropriate’ to wear?  Chances are that they wouldn’t even have noticed me and do not care about my cholesterol or my moral standard of fashion.
Why then do people react totally bizarre when they learn that a woman, whom they don’t know from a bar of soap, is pregnant with her 9th baby?  Why would anyone care how many children I want?  Why am I such an irritation to people (even more to Christians!), when I gratefully except another blessing from God?
“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against power, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”  (Eph 6:12)

God is the God of the kingdom of life! Satan is ruler of the kingdom of death and destruction! These two powers are constantly in opposition with each other, since the fall of humanity! 
“I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her Seed; He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel.”  Gen 3:15

I have just realized again, I’m opposing the biggest lie of Satan.  It is against natural design to NOT allow God to determine your family size.  It is when you choose against the biological function of the womanhood God put into each woman, that you are acting opposite to the natural.  During the past 50 years Satan subtly (but effectively) imprinted the lie of family planning deep into humanity. Even the church fell for it. It is laughable to see and hear the shallow opposing arguments, criticism and open attack of Christians against fellow families in Christ, who allow God to determine their family size! 

Satan knows that the Godly seed brought forth by women, is his biggest threat in destroying his dark works of deception and destruction.  We read that Satan has already tried twice during Bible times to kill babies. In Egypt during Moses’ time, Satan killed babies using the Pharaoh, trying to avoid the birth of a Leader that would lead God’s nation to the promised land and again through Herod, Satan killed 1000s’ of babies trying to kill baby Jesus.

We all know we are living in the final hour, before the glorious return of our Lord Jesus Christ. Now, more than ever Satan is killing millions of babies, which should be the part of the End-Time-Army of God!  The sad part is that not only non-Christians, but Christians also, has bought into Satan’s lies to destroy the children again, this time though ‘family planning.’ 

Why would people react bizarre towards another pregnancy?

Because the family who allows God to determine their family size, is Satan’s biggest threat!
“To the one we are the aroma of death leading to death, and to the other the aroma of life leading to life.”  II Cor 2:16
You decide.
Speaking the truth in love


Anonymous said...

Linnie, what a lovely post and CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a blessing. My heart is a bit (okay alot)envious of you, we have two beautiful daughters but I would have loved many, many more chidren. I must say the reaction and attitude of some fellow human beings towards children is quite shocking! I'm not quite sure when the world started 'hateing' children - as you said it is a demonic attack, for indeed children raised in Godly homes are satans biggest threat! May you and your beautiful family be blessed with this new precious little baby.

Blessings in Christ

Huisvrou said...

So verskriklik waar. En ek is nog nie eens behoorlik daar nie!

Dankie vir jou wat dinge so duidelik uitspel, sodat daar geen moontlikheid vir misverstand kan wees nie.

JanetK said...

Baie geluk Linnie! Prys die Here vir hierdie nuwe lewe!
So jammer dat mense jou judge en sleg se. Ek weet dit maak seer.

Anonymous said...

I will be honest, I have struggled myself with the whole "quiver-full" and leaving family planning to God idea. Although, I have seen how even when people use contraceptives, He overrules. I have had friends get pregnant while on the Pill or using some other means of contraceptives. I also experienced Him healing me and blessing us with a son when we thought we'd never have children. I firmly believe that He provides financially. I must say though that I am not sure if at this stage I could handle another child too soon, or if we are good enough stewards with what He gives us, to have more kids right away. But I will say that I definitely want more children, even though my personal childbirth experience was one I would prefer not to repeat - I would like to wait long enough to at least be able to have a normal birth next time.

eMGee said...

Hi Linnie, yes that is exactly what I have experience having 8 children. Even family & friends reacted the same, since everyone else in our family only have 2 children. But I cannot also tell you the joy we have experienced as a large family and whereever I go, I try to impart to the young girls the eagerness to have a large family one day. And I am soon to follow in your steps to homeschool mine ....

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