27 May 2011

Vote for your Favourite 25 Faith Blogs by Moms

As many of you have noticed, there is a button on my sidebar.  

Circle of Moms is looking for the top 25 Faith Blogs by Moms
Through my blog, I love to encourage women and mothers to live a life pleasing to God.  
The exposure and traffic Back to Ancient Ways can receive through this contest can bring God much glory!  
If you are encouraged by reading Back to Ancient Ways, would you please consider voting for me?  
The contest ends June 8th and you are allowed to vote every 24 hours, for as many blogs as you want to!  
Yes, you can go back every day and vote for your Favourite Faith Blogs by Moms.
There are some wonderful Christian blogs on the list:
A Wise Woman Builds Her Home
A Holy Experience
I Take Joy
Generation Cedar
A Mothers Heritage
Large Family Mothering
Homemaker By Choice
Clay Jar People

So please go back to Circle of Moms every day and check them out too!
Thank you so much for your support!


Marisa said...

Voted for you, A Holy Experience and A Wise Woman Builds her Home. The only mom blogs I subscribe to! Can't believe how many witch blogs that are on there now.

Linnie said...

Thank you, Marisa! Yes, I was shocked myself!

Jenny said...

I appreciate your mention. Thank you!

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