08 August 2011

Daniel’s Cars Birthday Party!

On Monday the 1st it was Daniel’s 3rd birthday!  

Daniel was my easiest and quickest home birth, and I cannot believe it is already 3 years since that blessed Friday morning!

Daniel didn’t have a real party for his 2nd birthday, only the grandparents and his siblings celebrated with him.  

This year I considered to skip a party again, since I was still recovering from Heidi-Mari’s Mother-and-Daughter Birthday tea.  

But Heidi-Mari stepped in and pleaded for a birthday party on Daniel’s behalf.  
So only 5 days before the Saturday, I started inviting a few friends to the party. While inviting my good friend Emma’s children, she mentioned it will be her youngest's first birthday.

Just there and then we decided to combine their parties.  What a blessing.
Daniel is my first child who had an absolute favorite toy or more specific, toys!  A bucket full of little cars.  This basket of cars goes everywhere he goes; from one room to another, to the dining room table, in the car when we drive, to bed - he even picks it up in his sleep, when he walk to us at night to crawl in with us!  

He knows exactly how many cars he has and don’t think his brothers can mislead him by swapping any cars. 

He will know immediately when one is missing. Since he so precisely takes care of his toy cars, his brothers are now also trying to look after theirs, but they just don’t get it done as diligent as Daniel!
Taking his love for cars as a hint, we decided to make the birthday cake cars as well.  When Christo and I went to purchased his birthday gift, earlier the week, we looked at the Lego Duplo section, since Lego is always worth it, and there we saw the Cars2 Lego Duplo range!  It was the perfect gift for Daniel. While driving home, from the shopping mall I got the idea to copy McQueen and Sally for his birthday cake and Daniel was thrilled with the idea!
He couldn’t wait for Saturday to arrive.  He didn’t remember his first birthday party, he didn’t have much of a second birthday party, but he sure knew what a birthday party entailed, due to all this siblings’ birthday parties, over the past year. 
Friday night I had my team next to me, to decorate the cake!  

Christo at assembling;

CJ on special effects; 

Heidi-Mari mixing 100’s of grams of icing sugar;

Josua and Danika for moral support! 

One after the other my team members drop into bed, until only Heidi-Mari was awake to appreciate with me the finished product! 

When Saturday came, it was the perfect day!  Clear blue sky, no sign of clouds or rain, and only a light breeze. 
Daniel, as well as his brothers couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the cake!

Thank you Lord, it was such a blessed day and Daniel enjoyed every second;

As well as the birthday guests; and

the Mothers too!

With love


Lizelle said...

O, Wow! Those cakes are amazing. I would never have been able to pull it off. Well done.

Linnie said...

Thank you Lizelle! Have a blessed day.

Joyfulmama said...

Ooops! I opened this post while my Lightning McQueen besotted three and a half year old was standing next to me...!! Now her little mind is made up: her fourth birthday party has to be a Cars one! It looks lovely, Linnie, well done!! Xxx Grietjie

Linnie said...

Oh, Sweet! Well, let me know if you need some more pictures for inspiration, my Friend!
Hope you and baby #3 are doing fine!
Lots of love!

Jenni C's said...

wow, the cake is amazing..thanks for the inspiration..

Wendy said...

Well Done, that looks fabulous my friend :-)

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