09 October 2011

Spring Clean, Injuries and Felt Toys!

This coming week one of my best Friends, who is not from Cape Town, will have her 6th baby, by caesarian - YES, her 6th caesarian, isn’t that amazing - and they will stay with us for the week.  So during the past week, we spring cleaned and reorganized our home.  

While busy organizing the home, I sorted through clothes; I steam cleaned the carpets; 

and we deep cleaned the kitchen and room our friends would stay in.  

Then while in the final step of our spring cleaning, I seriously injured my head against the corner of a cupboard and our spring clean came to an abrupt stop!  The razor sharp corner of the cupboard, split open the skin on my forehead just into my hair line.  CJ and Heidi-Mari immediately knew how to stop the bleeding with Yarrow - so much blood with a head injury! They supported me through the immense shock and Josua and Danika took over caring for the little ones, while Christo, who arrived minutes later, attended to my wound.  With CJ and Heidi-Mari’s help Christo "stitched up” the wound with corn starch without taking me for stitches - not without cutting off some hair (LOL!). They ordered me to bed rest and I gladly gave in.  The rest of the day CJ, Heidi-Mari and Josua, cleaned up the room, prepared dinner and looked after their younger siblings.

On Friday I felt like someone that had brain damage!  I couldn’t think straight or do things at the same pace and fervency I’m used to, and decided to take the day off, as well as the weekend.  But I do have to stay busy, so I worked on my latest hobby - making felt food for Danika and the girls who will stay with us during the week! 
Here is my first finished project!
I enjoyed every minute making this Strawberry Cake and can’t wait to see the girls playing with it. 

One of Heidi-Mari’s best friends, Kelly-Anne started a Sewing Challenge a few months ago, and this month’s theme is Children’s Toys!  I like to enter this project into her challenge.  

The pattern for the Strawberry Cake and Plate I got here. The felt I bought over the years for different craft projects, at a local craft shop, the yarn I had from previous sewing projects and the buckram to strengthen the plate was left over from a ballet costume. 

I only had to buy the patterns, foam and filling. I got a cut off piece of foam at a local foam shop in Durbanville for next to nothing, and the filling at a local Craft shop!
I’m so thankful for Kelly-Anne starting this Sewing Challenge.  Since she’s running the Sewing Challenge, Heidi-Mari became interested in sewing and enjoys it more and more.  She already made a Duplo bag for the little one’s Duplo;

and a Princess crown for Danika who is always ‘dressing up’ as a Princess.

Wait till you see Heidi-Mari and Danika’s children toy projects…
Why don’t you give yourself some creative off time and enter Kelly-Anne’s Children Toys Sewing Challenge.
With love


Jenni C's said...

i am sorry about..your head injury, but happy to see your beautiful..cake...

Sonja said...

Linnie dit is die oulikste koek wat ek nog ooit gesien het van lap- om die waarheid te se ek het nog nooit so iets gesien nie. Jy is darem so kunstig met jou hande. Ek kan weer glad nie naaldwerk doen nie, wens ek kon kom klasse vat!

Linnie said...

Thank you Jenni! My head is doing much better, thank you. The maizena (corn starch) pulled it together, much better than stitches could, and without a possible scar.

Linnie said...

Dankie liewe Sonja. Met die regte patroon en toerusting was dit so lekker om te maak.

Kelly-Anne said...

Dear Aunty Linnie,

Thank you so much for taking the time to enter my sewing challenge for 'children's toys'!! Your felt cake is just beautiful! The little ones so enjoyed playing with it in the car on the way down:) Lots and lots of love and hugs, Kelly-Anne

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