09 February 2013

Ask me…

Life is busy in the Lues family. It is the beginning of the year. New routines and little ones, not so little anymore, who want to explore more. 

Add to that me being a dreamer kind of girl, who love new challenges and you can see why we do not have one dull moment!

Some of the new challenges I took on for 2013:

I started playing the piano again! 

After 30 years!! By the end of last year Andrew started piano lessons. After Danika fell and broke her arm, she was very scared to play tennis again (She fell over her tennis racket, as she ran down the steps). During this time, with the arm in plaster and very little to do over a December holiday, brother Andrew taught her a few notes on the piano and they played together. Needless to say, she asked if she could start piano lessons too. 

Then I got inspired and decided to join them. I absolutely love it!

I started memorizing scripture. 

When CJ had his first drivers license test in August, I was nervously waiting in the car, desperately praying for God’s hand on my son. That morning I experienced the emptiness of not being able to recite scripture, that could give me peace and sooth my soul. A few weeks later the little ones started memorizing scripture as part of Discipleland. I was amazed how easy they memorized passages of scripture. Fast forward to the night of the 30th of November. 

Danika was laying on a hospital bed, in much pain and agony and we started to recite our bible verses. The effect was amazing!

January I read about the Romans Project by Ann Voskamp in partnership with Scripture Typer. 

The challenge to memorize Romans 1, 8 and 12 in 52 weeks!  Scripture Typer allows you to create verse collections for yourself. So while I’m memorizing Romans, I’m also memorizing verses on Motherhood and Encouraging verses to keep me going in tiring circumstances. It also have an iPhone application, so I’m able to review my verses anywhere, anytime.

I joined another book club by Sally Clarkson. 

By the end of last year I joined the Dancing with my Father club

It was so inspiring to join women around the world seeking God and His joy and strength in all circumstances.  This month I joined the Desperate Mom club

Hope for the Mom who needs to Breathe.  

I’m also in the early stages of helping my husband with the bookkeeping of our health shop and look forward to play with the numbers.

In all this, my main focus is homeschooling my 8 very active and inquisitive children. Oh, how I love to homeschool them! The name of this year is Grace and I experience the Lord’s gentle lead to extend grace to my family very real, to be in the moment, to slow down. Experiencing my Father’s grace all around me, while counting my second round of One Thousand Gifts.

As you might have realized, I don’t blog so often any more. This is partly because time is very limited, but I also came to identify my natural tendency to rather talk on a one to one basis, answering questions. I miss my blogging, and this bring me to another new challenge I want to take on for 2013. 

I want to base my blogging on your questions. 

While I’m only in the beginning of the Desperate Mom book, it is evident how much we as mothers need each other. We need each other to give us Hope and encouragement. To remind us of THE HOPE we trust in, while raising our children in the {often} loneliness of our homes. We need to remind each other to breathe!

If you would allow me, I would love to answer your questions on raising children (while raising my own on a trial and error basis), homeschooling, home keeping and family meal times. I just want to encourage you in your high calling as a Mother and being your husband’s Helper.

So if you would like to ask me, send me an e-mail at my blog address and I’ll see if I can answer a question or two, once a week. 
All questions will be treated as Anonymous. 
Please let the questions be very specific. 

To all you beautiful ladies, have a blessed weekend!
Much love

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Anonymous said...

Ah Linnie, thanks for this! Just reading what you and your crazy (beautiful) bunch are up to and how you handle life's issues - with God's help, is already inspiration to me, and I gain wonderful ideas and inspiration.

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