13 February 2009

Our Home School Journey

Colour Lapbook

Danika, Andrew and David are almost finished with their first Lapbooks. What fun we had! We did a Lapbook on Colours. We started with Noah and the first rainbow. They made an ark, with Noah and animals peeping through the ‘windows’ and the rainbow that covered the sky.

Noah made a big impression on Andrew. He is my operator and the one who can’t wait to be in control of his own life. Answering dad's question of who Noah was, he answered, “He is the Boss of this boat!”

To illustrate the animals going into the Ark two-by-two, we made a male and female lions with different sizes circles. We counted the circles and played games by arranging the circles in different sizes.
They also made monkey faces on sticks and played monkey-monkey the whole day!

The focus of our lapbook was to learn the primary and secondary colours. We did a lot of activities to reinforce this concept.
We illustrated primary and secondary colours with paint. They mixed the primary colours to make secondary colours and painted rainbows.

We also used play dough to demonstrate the mixing of the primary colours to make the secondary colours. At the end they could mix the colours as much as they wanted, without mommy complaining, she even encouraged them! See the joy on David’s face!

We also used Oil Pastels to mixed the secondary colours.

For Friday baking we made rainbows with jelly tots, tennis biscuits and icing. We practised sorting colours and counting, without them even knowing they were learning.

This was great fun and a huge spoil, since my children only get sweets at birthday parties.

We illustrated the rainbow with different layers of jelly. We cheated a little with the blue, and mixed in some food colouring! For ‘clouds’ we whipped some Orley Whip. Even the older children could join us for this activity. See the anticipation on Heidi-Mari’s face!

We cut and pasted coloured ice cream scoops on cones. For Danika we put numbers on the ice cream scoops and she had to put the scoops in the right sequence.

Josua had to learn to write the names of the colours. I put the names of the colours on the ice cream scoops and he had to match it to the correct colour.
We coloured umbrella’s and rain drops, cut them out and matched them again.
We coloured in two by two pictures and they had to connect them with lines. At first it was a new concept to Andrew to connect the same pictures, but by the end he could do it with great confidence.

David did not know any of his colours before we started. Today as we did the lay-out of the lapbook, I could asked him to show me a picture of the colour red and he could immediately show me a red picture. He couldn’t say the name of the colour, but he did know what red looked like. Andrew knew his colours from a very young age, fso for him it was only reinforcement to learn the colours, as well as for Danika and Josua. Danika and Josua enjoyed the mixing of the colours.

I got all my ideas and activities from: kidsparkz; first-school; dltk-kids and lapbooklessons

As we finished one activity after the other, we put it in a plastic file. Today we start to put it all together on our lapbook-file. (Read more on lapbooking on our website)
We are now in the final stage of putting this together. I will post pictures as soon as it is finished.
Have a fun activity day!

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Sonja said...

Linnie,dit was nou lekker lees! Dankie vir al die baie oulike idees en webtuistes,ek gaan bietjie daar oral rondkrap.

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