18 February 2009

Our Colour Lapbooks Finished!

Here are the final products of Josua, Danika, Andrew and David's Colour Lapbooks:

At the back of the file we made a pocket file for extra art.

Why Make Books?

  1. Book-making is good for children's brains;

  2. Book-making turns words from foes into friends;

  3. Book-making helps children "own" the information you are presenting;

  4. Book-making develops creative skills;

  5. Book-making provides a positive tool for sharing your homeschool experience;

  6. Book-making is a way to preserve precious work for years to come;

  7. Book-making helps parents evaluate mastery;

  8. Book-making communicates to the child that "your art is worth all this 'fuss".

(Quote from The Ultimate Lap Book Handbook)

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