18 March 2009

Growing into Motherhood

Do our babies grow from newborn to 1 year old in a few days? Do our toddlers grow from their difficult 2 years old to a much more moderate temperament at 4 years in a few weeks? Do our teenagers grow from the difficult ‘who am I?’ at 13 years old to a confident 17 year old in months?

Unfortunately, NOT. To pass all these different milestones takes time, training, diligence and patience, both for child and parent.

Why then are we as mothers so hard on ourselves?

This morning while brushing my teeth (!) the Lord very softly spoke to my soul. You see, the last few nights were really tough with my baby and two toddlers. I didn’t get much sleep. As a result, this morning I just couldn’t be all smiles and good cheer. I even messed up by being impatient with the little ones at the breakfast table. I also wasn’t an encouraging, loving wife to my husband. I really felt like a total failure, hopeless and tired.

While I was brushing my teeth, the Lord smiled down on me, and showed me the above picture of my children growing slowly into maturity. The same time He showed me, I am growing into maturity. I could sense He wanted me to look back on my life as a mother and realize how much I had grown over the past 15 years. He didn’t want me to feel like a failure. He wanted me to walk out of that bathroom with hope, knowing He is working in me. He wanted me to rest in Phil 1:6 “6 being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you (me) will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ;”

I will stop being so impatient with myself and my growth in the Lord. I will walk in His hope and unconditional love!


Huisvrou said...

But sometimes I wish they would grow a little slower. That I could spent more time with them, teaching them God's ways - which I still learn so much about. I feel so inadequate at times, being a mother, rearing children for God.

I wish I had known about AR much earlier in my life. It would definitely have changed a lot of choices... Sometimes it seems too late

Growing to be His child, in His image, and still filled with so much ME, so much sin. Thanks goodness for a Gracious Father full of mercy and love.

Sonja said...

Dit kon net sowel ek gewees het wat hierdie brief geskryf het,want dit klink net soos ek al dikwels gedink en gevoel het! Ek was seker een van die rofste diamante wat die Here nog ooit moes geslyp het, maar hoe dankbaar is ek nie dat Hy nie ophou slyp aan my nie, want ek wil so graag daardie mamma wees wat Hy weet ek kan wees!

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