06 July 2009

Above Rubies Magazines Posted!

By 21h00, Sunday night we had 3,500 Above Rubies magazines in envelopes and boxes, ready to be taken to the Post Office for posting.

The packaging of issue #76 was like always done in a record time and can only be called a miracle. My family worked so hard through out the weekend, to help me get every envelope and bulk order ready for posting.

Thank you, my dear Husband, for cutting boxes to the right size and wrapping them. Thank you for carrying 500 envelopes from the house to the car and from the car to the post office. Thank you for standing in the post office in the cue, so I didn’t need to, for an hour with little ones around me, waiting for every parcel to be weighed and prized. I appreciate you a lot!!


Petra said...

Well done Lues clan! The cover looks adorable, am awaiting our local delivery.

Linnie said...

Thank you Petra. It was sad not sending out magazines to you. Hope you receive yours soon.
Lots of love to all your lambs.

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