08 July 2009

Daniel Started Walking!

Yesterday Daniel officially started walking, at 11months & 1 week.

For the last few days he would stand, try one or two steps and then land on his bum. We praised and encouraged him a lot and then last night, out of the blue, he took several steps from CJ to me. From there on he was on the go, walking from chair to chair, smiling and laughing, nothing short of someone who just achieved a new milestone!

Oh! He is such a joy!

Everyone adores him and cannot withhold themselves from touching, talking, playing and... annoying him! It is amazing that, although another baby means more work, more responsibilities and ‘more trouble’, siblings just love another brother or sister. So often mothers will tell me they got 'fixed' and cannot have more children, but their children pray for another brother or sister every day. It is also interesting to hear adults, coming from larger families, testify how special it was to be part of a large family.

This makes me wonder about the root of arguments like: “we cannot afford more children” or “we will not be able to give them all the opportunities we want to give them” or “we will not be able to emotionally care for many children – I don’t have the patience”.

I don't hear one of these negative comments from children of large families, whether they are still in the home or have left the nest. In grown ups, I only hear nostalgia of wonderful memory making moments of their large family and the closeness of their family – something often missing in an average sized family today. See, in the average sized family it is so easy for everyone to do ‘their own thing’ - they don't need each other. The modern day tendency is that the brother and sister are so caught up in making use of all their “opportunities” to develop into balanced adults and mom and dad is busy with their own careers and talents, also outside the house, that they don’t have time for each other. In short, in time, they grow apart.

In this big family of ours, it is not possible for one family member do live independently from his or her siblings or parents. Although you may think it is easy for a child 'to get lost’ in the crowd, there are too many of us, to make you disappear. When one of the older children are out for the day (helping at Dad's shop or working at the horse riding school) or one of the little ones is unwell, and not participating in the every day routine, without exception, the siblings will be quick to ask where their brother or sister is, or why is he or she not playing along?

Our children cannot wait to have another baby in the house. Another human being to cuddle and love, serve and protect, to grow up alongside and with whom to discover new things.

The Word is still true even in today’s modern culture: 'children are a blessing'! Why would I ever say no to another blessing? Except if I fall for the ultimate lie: it is all about ME and another child will rob me from worldly blessings … prevent me from being rich in life.

I think you will agree with me, true richness lay in relationships. And there is no lack of relationships in our family. That’s why our big family is a blessed family, full of true richness.

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AutumnVine said...

Linnie, we will only have two boys as I am an older mom and had problems especially with the youngest (born at 34 weeks - 5,1 kg after gestational diabetes and oedema).
But this is one of the BIG reasons I want to homeschool. To help my boys who differ 4 years and 1 day in age to become great friends and to know each other. Not to have a gap of 4 years of school between them.

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