27 September 2010

Life and that in Abundance!

Saturday morning, was the most beautiful, champagne-clear morning in the Cape.  Starting in September and only ending early March, we have the most terrible winds, but we don’t complain to much, since the rest of South Africa need their summer rains and this is only possible when the wind blows in the Cape. Being a farm-girl from the Free State, I know how essential the rain is for the rest of our beautiful country!  The saying: “The Cape is like a baby, either windy or wet!”, is true enough.
To come back to our clear Saturday morning - there were no clouds, no wind and we decided to visit a wine farm in the Durbanville-winelands - Meerendal Wine Estate.  

It has the most beautiful green grass for children to run and play on, just what my little ones needed.
We don’t do family outings to often.  Christo works every other Saturday and CJ works every Saturday at Serenity, the horse riding school where he has the privilege to ride one of the owner’s horses.  On Christo’s free weekend, we’re sometimes just to exhausted after a very busy week to saddle up the children and go for an outing.  Part of the outing is to get up early enough to get breakfast done and we don’t have a simple cereal for breakfast - It’s at least eggs and toast; clean up after 10 people had their food, make 9 beds, dress 4 little boys and then to be on our way before it is time for lunch again!  
Since Friday was a holiday in South Africa, Saturday was a bonus, Christo had his free weekend and by 11h30 all the children were strapped in the  Vito.  Unfortunately, CJ still had to work and couldn’t join us!  

And what a delightful, fun two hours we had.  On the one side of the wide green grass, a huge jumping castle greeted the children and they had a ball! Here are some fun pictures:

Thank you Lord for blessing us with life and that in abundance!


Sonja said...

Ai ek is sommer bly vir julle part! Daai gesiggies lyk so uitbundig en gelukkig! Julle is so n pragtige gesin!

Petra said...

Ai lekker!

What a wonderful day!

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