28 May 2009

Danika lost her first tooth!

Tonight Danika lost her first tooth! Dad gave her some Enjura and Rescue drops and rubbed Traumeel S on the gums and then he pulled the tooth with his fingers.
Where were the days where my parents would tie a piece of string around the tooth, the other end to the door knob, and then pull it? For a start it is almost impossible to tie a knot around the tooth and then, when you pulled, the string would break and we would have to start the whole process again!

I remember once my grandma pulled one of my teeth. She was pushing me on the swing in their garden. Grandma thought it a good idea to knot the other end of the string to the swing pole and then gave me a strong push on the swing. It worked very well, too well. I didn't feel anything, but my tooth got lost in the grass. We looked for hours, but the tooth was gone! Oh! The disappointment of loosing my tooth!

Maybe you too have an interesting tooth story and would like to share it with us?

Little Danika is all smiles now and very excited to see how much the tooth mouse will pay her for her tooth!

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