21 May 2009

Organizing Toys

On Tuesday morning I decided it was time to sort out the children’s toys. It had been 2months since we last sorted out the toys, and everywhere you looked there was a mess of toys in cupboards, under the beds, on top of cupboards and in plastic buckets.

Heidi-Mari is really the one who has the gift of organization. I haven’t yet decided if my home is disorganized because too many things happen at once, and I cannot prioritize or plane since being organized is not one of my strengths! I like things to look neat and I always try to put things in their right places. Though part of the problem is not having an allocated place for certain stuff…, if you have a successful plan, please let me know!

So, every month or two, I have to come to a stop and try to sort out some areas in the home. Almost every member of this family, myself included, are hoarders and we hate to throw things away. But on days like Tuesday I would suppress my tendency to keep stuff, and practice decent decluttering!

All the toys sorted out and put in plastic buckets.

What a joy for children and Mom. Each boy could just grab a plastic bucket and play with his favourite toys.

Now the challenge is to keep it like that for at least a week…?!

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