03 March 2011

Melkbos Outing

Over the weekend, a virus invaded our home!  It’s such a long time since one of us were ill that we were in actually in denial for a day or two.  By Monday afternoon, Andrew, both girls and I were down. Luckily Christo recovered well enough over the weekend, to be at the office on Monday morning.  On top of it, Cape Town experienced a heat wave, like it usually does this time of the year.  
CJ and Josua clearly gave the virus a cold shoulder and they looked after us very well!  Thanks to the schedule we have been using since the beginning of February, (more about that in another post) CJ, Heidi-Mari and Josua could do all their work on Monday (before Heidi-Mari got sick after lunch.) They could still do some activities with the little ones in the morning, while the only thing I could do was sleep on the couch!
Monday night the Lord came to my rescue by allowing Michael to sleep from 22h00 till 04h30.  I had a solid six hours of uninterrupted sleep, that hasn't happened for months! This was just what I needed to wake up very refreshed and almost recovered from the virus on Tuesday morning!  But the girls and Andrew were still not well.  
By the time Christo left for work at 09h00, Tuesday morning, it was clear we were in for another extremely hot day.  On his way to work my dear husband gave me a call to tell me he will be thinking of me, good luck with the sick ones and if we are to hot, we must get in the bus, and just drive around with the air conditioner on to cool us down.  Just there I got the idea!  The impulsive side of me once in a while get the upper hand and then I do things in the spur of the moment! 

We will go to the beach in the afternoon!  
My children needed to breath in clean, fresh, ozone rich air, to conquer this virus! As a bonus it is a long drive, although we live in CapeTown, we are at least 40 minutes from the nearest beach. During which we can cool down with the air conditioner, and at the beach it should be cooler.  I also guessed the anticipation, excitement and fun on the beach would do them the world of good and lift their spirits!
I texted Christo to tell him about my idea, and if it is possible by any chance, will he please join us!  In the mean time, poor CJ and Josua were sulking in the kitchen under the thought of yet another day during which they have to do all the chores between the two of them and have to help out with the little ones, without the girls help!  How special it was to see the transformation in their faces as I told them of our plans for the afternoon!  It was almost like I turned on a light in their souls!  

Not to mention the excitement of the little ones by mentioning the word beach-outing!  The whole atmosphere of our home changed within minutes and I just realized again, how a mother determines the atmosphere of her home! The girls looked like they had a reason to fight the virus too and after a toasted Marmite sandwich, Andrew announced he was healed! 
For me, I had no time to focus on how I felt, I needed all my energy to plan and prepare our picnic dinner.  Buying McDonald’s along the way for dinner would be to defeat the object for the Lues family, especially since we are fighting a virus (no need for MSG, hidden sugars and trans fats...)
The little ones went for their naps without one word of objection, and even I could rest for an hour with little Michael playing around and at some stages, on top of me!  By 15h00, Christo said he would be joining us and final preparation took a full swing!  Heidi-Mari recovered so much she could make the sandwiches. Josua got water bottles filled up and getting cool drinks ready. CJ was responsible for packing the meats, making carrot salad and make sure everything was in the cool bag. Danika was still weak and after his afternoon nap, David complained of similar symptoms the rest of us experienced, indicating the virus was getting the better of him too! But I trusted the outing was going to change everything. 
I quickly gave Michael a 20 minute nap and while I nursed him, I prayed that the Lord would please give us a blessed afternoon, with no wind!  The Cape is known for it’s windy conditions between November and February, but early March the weather makes a turn for the better and till April it is the best time to visit the Cape - no rain, no wind!  
It was the 1st of March and on our side of the Tygerberg the wind was blowing strongly! By 15h45, we were all lined up in the Vito and on our way to Melkbos beach on the Western Coast of the Cape Peninsula! 
The little ones couldn’t stop talking and laughing, in their imagination they were already running the beach, riding waves and building sand castles!  Danika’s voice was getting stronger as we drove and David’s laugh sounded like crystal clear bells, no sign of the weak boy, only an hour ago!

At the beach it was an absolute perfect afternoon!  No wind, no clouds, only the distinct smell of the sea and a desperately needed cool breeze! 

The children played an hour in the (very, very) cold water - not minding at all.

It  amazed us to see how Michael just love playing in water!  

He doesn’t have any fear of water.  At one stage he lost his balance in the water, while holding daddy’s hand in the very shallow water and went “under” the water!  He didn’t even cry, he just gulp for air and held onto daddy, as he sweep him out of the water. 

After I dried him and nursed him a little, he pushed me away and made for the water again! 

In contrast to Michael, David and Daniel have no love for water!  

They stay as far away from the water as possible. 

David normally can’t even stand the sound of the waves, but he took it very well and walked all along the high tide water mark, looking for shells!

After an hour in the water, we played on the beach.  

Then we had our cold meat, salad and sandwich picnic on the green grass next to the beach.  Two hours later we were on our way back home, under many promises of doing it again next week for the rest of March and April, while the weather holds! 
What a delightful afternoon! 

Danika played with no sign of illness, David and Andrew too. 

Heidi-Mari looked weak by the end of our outing, but after a luke warm Epson salt bath, and a back rub with Traumeel S, she went to bed.  I too, felt much better.

Thank you Lord! What a blessing to have such a blessed, fun afternoon, just enjoying the beauty of Your creation!
With love


Sonja said...

Ag Linnie dit lyk so lekker! Julle is so bevoorreg om daar te bly so naby aan die see! Ek kan sommer sien dit het julle almal so goed gedoen!

Timothy Kieswetter said...

Mooi vir jou Linnie om iets so op die nippertjie te reel en te gaan! Sulke uitstappies is die lekkerste! Jou gesin is pragtig! Ek stuur groete vir almal! :)

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