24 March 2011

Day Two on Set!

This morning while Josua, Michael and myself, were on our way to the movie set, my sister from Bloemfontein called to ask how I was doing.  How great is our God!  He just blessed me and kept me close to His heart the past few days!  He knows me inside out and knew exactly what I needed to keep me going while working through the emotional pain and physical loss. He even sent entertainment across my path, more than I had in months, which moved my focus to nice things.  I still have to blog about my Andre Rieu weekend experience!
Today was the second day on the Camelot movie set at Cape point, where CJ perform as a Stunt Jump Rider for one of the main characters.  We enjoyed it even more than yesterday!  

The main focus of the day was to get the horses over the very dooming fence.

From the start the horses refused to get over the fence.

They tried several times, with no success. 

In the mean time I was quietly praying and asking Christo to pray too, to make a way and keep the riders safe!  The woman in charge of the horses, Michelle Mazurkiewics, is clearly in the supply of stunt horses for years! She sure knows her horses and how to handle them.  
They decided to strip the total fence and while building it up, piece by piece, made the horses get used to the fence. 

Within 30minutes the horses were jumping the fence, without knowing they initially refused the exact same fence!

They also need to adjust the horse costumes, to make it safer for the horses to jump the fence.  

That took about 2hours!  

CJ have to jump with a Western saddle, and it also needed some adjustments.

During the early afternoon multiple trucks arrived with filming equipment, to Josua’s excitement.  

We walked on the set while they put everything up and got to see how they assembled the tracks on which the camera man and his camera are pushed during filming.

In the meantime the crew were practicing fencing everywhere you looked!

Josua couldn’t stop admiring all the swords, bows and arrows!

Little Michael was angel. 

He enjoyed all the fresh air, attention, horses, entertainment and a nap, while in the Ergo on my back.

Tomorrow is shooting day 1!  They are not sure on if their stunt jump scenes will be filmed on day one of two, but Christo will be there to try and take video clips.

Heidi-Mari is going with tomorrow, while Danika and I will stay at home with the four little boys.  Heidi-Mari looked so well after her brothers and sister over the past two days.  Tonight she prepared us pasta and even surprised us with sago pudding!  
“The Lord bless you and keep you;
The Lord make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.”
Numbers 6:24-26

With love


Anonymous said...

Hallo Tannie,

Ek kan net dink hoe CJ dit geniet. Sjoe, hy is baie bevoorreg om so iets te kan beleef.

Liefde vir die Kinders

Anonymous said...

Thats so exciting Linnie! Thanks for sharing it :) I'm so blessed by how God is restoring and refreshing you all. lots of love,Karyn

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