07 March 2011

Glorious and Beautiful for God!

A few days ago, I read in Exodes 20 about the garments that God ordained the High Priest to wear.  They were garments for “glory and beauty.” (v. 2) 

Every part of the High Priest’s garments had spiritual significance. Because God has made us “kings and priests” unto Him, they have spiritual significance in our lives too.  Wherever we work, right there in our home, we should continually drop seeds of God’s glory and beauty!
I also thought of Ephisians 2:22-24 were God instructed us to “...PUT on the new man”, the J.B Philipps translation says: “Fling off the dirty clothes of the old way of living... and put on the clean fresh clothes of the new life...” and the beautiful spirit God is looking for in 1Pet 3:3-4 “the hidden man (woman) of the heart, meek and gentle and quiet spirit which is of great prize for God”
*Now when we read the Holy Word of God, we must read it in the natural as well as in the spiritual.  God is a very natural God, as well as a spiritual God.  There are always three levels on which we can read the Word of God. Almost like the three levels of the tabernacle. Firstly on the surface, reading just what you see (the natural) then a little deeper, and God says more to you and then your enter the Holy of Holiness, and God reveal Himself to you, giving you revelation (the spiritual)! 
Often we only focus on the spiritual and forget about the physical.  We are so afraid we are the woman talked about in the first part of 1 Peter who only work on her physical beauty, that we almost want to make a statement about our spiritual beauty by ignoring the physical beauty!  But ladies, God is as much a physical God as a spiritual God. *It is so in everything in the Word of God, first the natural then the spiritual. It is amazing how many times we read of beautiful women in the Word of God.  We read about Eve, who must have been the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth! I think God meant for all women to be beautiful. All women wants to be beautiful!  Who does not want to be beautiful? 

I see it in my girls!  Heidi-Mari and Danika is constantly playing dress-up, without any one telling or showing them how to do it!  When friends come to play, they play dress-up.  
Over the years I’ve made numerous princess dresses and even more ballet costumes for ballet concerts, so there are always costumes for their dress-up! 
To be beautiful is inherently in us!  But most interestingly, the Bible take up quite some space to talk about beautiful women!  Lets look at a few of the beautiful women, the Bible talk about:  We read about Sarah - “You are a VERY beautiful woman.” Abraham was afraid they would kill him for this beautiful woman of his! We read how when they arrived in Egypt, “Everyone spoke of her beauty.” And twice she was taken in the King’s harem because of her beauty!  

Then it talks about the young Rebecca. “And the young woman was very beautiful to behold!” Wow!  Isaac was really getting a very beautiful bride! And when Isaac was married to her, they went to live near King Abimelec and they asked him about his wife and he did the same thing as his father!  He said she was his sister, he was afraid the men would kill him for her, because she was beautiful to behold! And Rebecca was also taken into the harem of the king! 

Now we read about Rachel. “Rachel was beautiful of form and appearance!” said the Bible!  The Bible, not a magazine, and it don’t only talk about a woman who has a beautiful face, but a beautiful figure too!!  Do you know the Bible talks about this and did you notice that these three women were the wives of the three patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. God gave to each of them beautiful women! Yes!  

Their were others too:  Abigail - intelligent and beautiful in appearance; Batsheba - very beautiful to look upon; Tamar - she was very beautiful; Vasti - the queen before Esther, she was very beautiful and Esther herself was beautiful of form (figure) and face.  And the Bible actually talk about both! Beautiful of figure and of face! There are more - Abishag, Job’s daughters, then their is the Song of Solomon, a beautiful book in the Bible, in which we read over and over again: “You are beautiful, my Love!”  
God desire to see beauty in us, our husbands desire to see beauty in us. You see, God loves beauty. Look around you to His creation, a beautiful sunset, all the beautiful flowers during spring and beautiful garments, as we see in Exodus 20, all for only one purpose, for His pleasure. 
While I was reading the above verses in Exodus, the words beauty and glory jumped out at me. This challenged me in that how much of God’s beauty and glory that He put in me as a woman am I radiating right here in my home? As a Stay-at-Home-Mom between my little ones, as a Home Schooling Mom between all my children? Me - being the crown of His creation, do I see myself as beautiful, glorious and worthy, as much as God value me beautiful, glorious and worthy, to send His only Son to redeem us for Him? To have everlasting life with Him! Am I practicing, here on earth in my every day walk of life, to bring God beauty, glory and praises, as I am going to bring Him beauty, glory and praises into eternity?  Do I radiate this beauty and glory only in my spiritual life or also in my physical appearance?  
Dear beautiful ladies, we must always read the Bible as a whole, taking into account all the verses about a certain topic.  God loves beauty, God loves beautiful women, but not all of us have beautiful faces and beautiful figures, and therefore we need God’s beauty.  
We often need to forget about our feelings and by faith but on happy, smiling faces to change the atmosphere of our homes.
Who doesn’t love to look at a physically beautiful face, but what is even more beautiful is a face that has a beauty of rest and radiance upon her face. There are women who walk in a very submissive, tender and peaceful way with the Lord and their husbands, and their faces just glows with beauty!  This is the greatest beauty of all!  
Then there is the beautiful countenance of a calmly woman. A woman at peace with being at home, which is only possible for her by looking unto the Lord.  The more time you spend in His presence, the more your countenance will radiate His love!

Don’t forget, someone with a thankful heart towards the Lord, will have a beautiful countenance!  Make thankfulness and praises the habit of your life!
We need the distinct aroma of Christ - kindness, long-suffering, forbearance and forgiveness.  We also need to diffuse the perfume of His knowledge everywhere we go!  
We need the beauty of holiness and purity!
Part of a beautiful woman is beautiful speech, right there in her home, not only when she goes out! A beautiful wife and mother speak sweet, encouraging words to her husband and children! 

The most precious beauty in the eyes of the Lord is a meek, gentle, quiet spirit, because it is only possible through the beauty of His spirit, the power of the Holy Ghost, who lives in us. We can’t work it up by ourselves, it is worked in us by the spirit.
We also need to put on the expensive wardrobe, purchased by Jesus Christ Himself, for us.  Beautiful dresses of gentleness, delightful garments of tender mercies and don’t forget the apron of humility and a servant heart!

And then when we are working on all the above beautiful characteristics of a Godly woman, I truly believe God wants us to take care of ourselves in the physical.  We may put on clean fresh AND beautiful clothes, and arrange our hair so it is a delight for our family.  My children just love my hair to be long and let down... 

I challenged a few very dear home schooling friends of mine to dress beautiful for a week. Right there in their homes and they fervently took on the challenge with excitement and great expectation!  I want to challenge all women, and especially Stay-At-Home-Moms and Home Schooling-Moms, who feel comfortable with physical beauty, because God loves beauty, to dress beautiful for a week! 
Put on a colourful skirt or dress, just don’t forget your apron when you need to clean up after yet another mess by your children. Put on some perfume, even on your clothes and when your husband walks in the house, that he may smell: “Oh, how delightful!”  Dare to put on a little make-up. A well-known evangelist was once asked if he thought a woman may wear make-up, his reply was: “If a boat needs new painting, paint it!” Surprise your husband and children with freshly, washed hair every day!  Do something to your physical appearance that communicate to your children, your husband and God, that you delight in being beautiful and glorious in your service to them and to Him!
If you take up this challenge, or like to challenge a personal group you are part of, please comment here and let us see how many women become part of the beautiful and glorious creation of God!
* Parts taken from Nancy Campbell’s, Beautiful Women Teaching CD.
With Love


Huisvrou said...

Baie dankie vir hierdie uitdaging Linnie. Ons het dit geniet. Vir my mense was die rokke nie vreemd nie, want ek is lief vir rokke. Grimering was vir hulle 'n vreemde iets, omdat ek nie van grimering hou nie - doodeenvoudig weens die skoonmaak na die tyd en die invloed wat dit op my vel het.

Manlief het dit vreeslik geniet om my OP te ruik!! Maar terselfdertyd geraas dat ek nie die Maroc moet opgebruik nie, dit is nie meer in die handel beskikbaar nie en daarom is hy heilig op die enkele houertjie wat nog oor is!!! :)


Kelly-Anne said...

Dear Aunty Linnie,

Please visit my blog, there is something there for you!

I am really enjoying reading the new Above Rubies - thank you so much!


Anonymous said...

I love this idea - I think girls these days are not taught about being feminine and modest and giving glory to God through their dress. I love wearing dresses, and skirts (mostly skirts atm, as I am breastfeeding, and its more practical)! I hope one day when I have girls, I will be able to teach them about godly femininity. I shall teach my son how to respect and encourage femininity in women though - as my husband does.

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