23 March 2011

CJ the Stunt Rider!

Today, CJ, Josua, little Michael and I, spent the most exciting day on a Camelot/King Arthur movie set at Cape Point.  CJ was asked to be the Stunt Jump Rider for one of the main characters of the production!  What an experience to be behind the scenes.  Tomorrow we will be back on set, for another day of rehearsal. Shooting is scheduled for Friday and Saturday! 

CJ dressed in his costume and a wig.  No make-up yet!

The horse with her costume.  It turned out this costume was to heavy for the horse to jump with.

Josua had a ball. He is my people-orientated-fun child!  He loved watching the Sword-stunt-rehearsals.

One of the crew members fencing with Josua! Everyone was so helpful and friendly!

The fence CJ has to jump over!

Making movies is hard work! CJ and his fellow stunt riders.

We were amazed at the construction of the production set! 

At the home front, Heidi-Mari took care of her three brothers and Danika, stimulating them and preparing us the most delicious dinner!  

Isn't the home schooling lifestyle amazing!

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Sonja said...

Wow!Dit is so fantasties! Dit moes n beleweinis gewees het. Ons is almal so trots op jou CJ!

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