27 July 2012

Kitchen Fun - Eatable Bird Nests!

We were driving back from music lessons one Thursday afternoon, when Andrew and David noticed bird nests in a thorn bush.  They immediately started to ask questions about the nests and being the Home Schooling Mom, I used the opportunity to answer the questions in as much detail as possible.  

Next David wanted me to get a ladder and get him a nest out of that exact tree, so he could have bird eggs and little birds.  For a few weeks, as we drove past the thorn bush, I had to explain over and over again why we couldn’t just take a bird nest out of a tree, when it dawned on me we needed to learn about birds and nests!  
And that is where I got the idea of kitchen fun, making edible bird nests, to supplement our Bird lapbook. They absolutely loved going with me to buy the ingredients, make the nests and obviously eat the nests!

I first saw it on Chasing Cheeros.  
You will need Corn flakes, marshmallows, vanilla essence, butter, coconut and mini muffin tin cups for shaping the nests. 
Melt a bag of marshmallows and ½ a cup of butter.
Pour in a teaspoon of vanilla essence.
Slowly mix in 4 cups of corn flakes
and a quarter cup of coconut.
Mix well.
Press the mixture in mini muffin tin cups to form the nests. 

Some butter on tiny fingers prevent the mixture to be too sticky!
After they are set, take them out of the muffin tin.
Put in the eggs, to finish the recipe!


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Urban Homestead South Africa said...

You are so clever, these are so cute!

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