03 July 2012

What has Thanksgiving to do with Time?

When was the last time you counted the Gifts out of our Father's hand? 
One of my children's #1 love language is gifts. She's constantly looking out for things to give as a gift to her family members. She will draw a picture and put it next to our bed, she will make cards for birthdays, and we have quite a few of those lately, thus she is busy. She will tidy up my dressing table while I make the little ones asleep, or she will arrange a hot water bottle for me before she goes to bed.  
But this is only one part of the satisfaction of the person whose love language is gifts. The other half is the recognition of her act of love.  She absolutely flourish under the appreciation. Her life is overflowing when she can give and the one who receives enjoys her gift.
To my shame I’m often too busy and miss her efforts and gifts of blessing. Then one of her siblings or my husband will subtlety draw my attention to her work. She is constantly in anticipation, "Did Mommy see?"
How often are we too busy to see God's love language to us - His gifts which are all around us? Gifts to make us aware of His omnipresence.  
Gifts that make me remember;
give thanks;
change the tone of the day. 
“Every moment I live, I live bowed to something. And if I don’t see God in the moments, I’ll bow to something else.”  Ann Voskamp 1000 Gifts
I’ve noticed that the more I’m busy, the more I worry and the more I feel overwhelmed, impatient, frustrated or angry and the more I become empty. 
“We only feel one emotion at a time so it’s impossible to give thanks and feel fear or anger.”  Ann Voskamp 1000 Gifts.
The busyness and strive of every day life change when I live intentional here and now - looking out for God’s Hand of blessing in and around my present life, counting the gifts. Counting the gifts slow down time, and when time slows down, I’m able to live a life in full attention and thankfulness, which fill the emptiness of the rushed life and bring forth joy!
“It’s joy of the small that can make life large, and all wonder and worship can only grow out of small and humble things.”
Do you need time? 
“Thanksgiving makes time.”  Ann Voskamp 1000 Gifts.

For the month of July, I want to challenge you to make time for God. Slow down time by counting gifts and experience the miracle, the miracle of abundance!
“Life is not an emergency. Life is thanksgiving!”  Ann Voskamp 1000 Gifts.

Keep counting!

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Wendy said...

It is so good to give thanks, counting too!

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