17 July 2012

So, What's Wrong with a C-Section?

As many of you may know, I’m passionate about having babies, raising babies and children as close as possible to how God intend it to do be.
Some time ago I wrote two postings on birth, additionally to my children’s birth stories -  ‘Are we still Designed to give Natural Birth?’ and ‘From a Perfect Normal Birth to a Caesarian in a Few Simple Steps.’
Since then I had much opposition and misunderstanding from friends, family and acquaintances on being very outspoken and adamant about natural births, in a normal, not-life-threatening-pregnancy, I longed to write an extra posting following my posting on Birth issues on “So, what is wrong with a C-section.” But time for proper research and writing was inadequate.
Since then my husband, Christo, who blogs at Natural Medicine Talk, started a Facebook page, Natural Health Discussion and following a series of discussions on the risks mothers run in trusting the medical profession blindly, he is busy writing a series on “How to have a healthy and natural pregnancy in spite of your gynecologist.”
And now Part 3 has been published: So what is wrong with a C-Section

As I was talking to a few ladies this morning, we have a healthy, young, mutual friend who is due to give birth any day now, I realized again how uninformed young women are of the risks and dangers of a C-section. All they hear is the benefits of a C-section. How much easier and convenient it is during a time when, as they observed, the mother is hormonally, emotionally and physically exhausted and just can’t be pregnant one day longer than necessary! 
They were shocked when I explained to them just some common risks like:
  • The painful weeks after the birth, due to a major surgical procedure. So painful, you need schedule 6 & 7 drugs to cope with the pain, while trying to take care of a newborn baby;
  • The Possible organ failure in baby due to the schedule 6 & 7 drugs, the mother receive afterwards for her major surgical procedure and which enter the baby through nursing. Would you like to give your newborn baby a scheduled 6 & 7 drug?
Did you now:
  • Breastfeeding is prone to fail due to the sedative drugs, given to the mother while performing the C-section, and the separation of baby and mother, while they are taking care of the mother after baby has been taken out;
  • Your baby has an increased risk of constipation and colic, due to the lack of friendly bacteria ingested by baby while being born through the birth canal. Trust me, it isn’t fun to see a constipated baby.
And then there is increased risk of postpartum bleeding and depression and the possible decrease in brain development of baby’s born pre-term...
But read more for yourself, here

Please Note:  The aim of this posting is to inform young, first time mothers who only hear the positive side of a C-section. Not at all to condemn or judge women who had a lifesaving, absolute emergency C-section.
With much love


Becky said...

I have had 4 C sections. Not out of choice but out of necessity. Big babies vs misshaped pelvis!!! I would have loved a natural delivery. I thought your article was well written though I did think that the bit on breastfeeding was a bit scaremongering. I breastfed all of mine with no problems, however I couldn't donate milk because of the drugs in my system. I developed major scar infections and it was very hard going. WIth no 1 son I did a full labour before he got stuck!! If I had to choose it would have been a natural delivery everytime. Please be gentle on those of us who have had to have C sections, it can often be a guilt wracking experience with major feelings of failure because of an inability to give birth naturally. (Thank you for a well balanced article though)

Urban Homestead South Africa said...

Hi my friend, I had 3 natural births with no drugs and then my last birth ended up being a csection after being planned as a home birth...but in it all God's hand was on our lives and He knew ahead of time what was right. I am not sure if you know of Shirley's new website which is a fabulous resource for 1st-8th time mums? Much love, Wendy http://www.pregnancy-and-giving-birth.com/

Linnie said...

Thank you Wendy! What an amazing informative website on birth! A sure must read!!
Much love

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